TaxiGuide: Online car rental booking service to find taxis at short notice


Operational in 77 cities across India; expansion plans include covering 220 more cities

Has your search for a cab ever gone futile? If you’ve ever been left without options even after finding and contacting every possible agent, TaxiGuide might be the solution.

Based in Bangalore, TaxiGuide is one of the most entrenched players in the field of online car rentals in India. This service enables customers to book a car rental/taxi service at short notice online or through the phone. TaxiGuide aggregates various taxi and car rental operators in major cities across India on a single platform. This is done by rating their services and tracking them real time (by means of GPS) to create a dynamic inventory pool.

YourStory caught up with the founder of TaxiGuide, Ashok Ananthakrishnan and if the entrepreneur’s words are anything to go by, TaxiGuide is all set to claw in deeper into the market. TaxiGuide has 5 employees currently and they are looking to strengthen their technical team. The site gets 400 hits a day and bookings have been picking up ever since its inception in February 2010.They provide the customers with a wide range of cars to choose from and the process to book is a simple three-step procedure: compare, select and book. There have been many clones replicating TaxiGuides’ business model. But TaxiGuide has the advantage that every initiator has - a head start. With results to back up their efforts, TaxiGuide is certainly the most likely service in the market to solve your travel woes.

Here’s the link to book your taxi:


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