TechSparks 2011 Hyderabad Regional RoundTable Captured in Tweets


TechSparks 2011 Hyderabad Regional RoundTable held on 16th July was a grand success. We have put together some tweets that capture the essence of the event for you.The speakers at the event included Phanindra Sama, Founder, RedBus, Narendra Bhandari, Director, Intel Software & Services Group – Developer Relations Division(Asia Pacific), Nitin Padmawar, CTO, Reasoning Global eApplications, G V Ravishankar, Managing Director, Sequoia Capital, Jayaram Pillai, Managing Director, National Instruments (India, Russia, Arabia), Vimal Abraham, Strategy & Marketing, ISV & Developer Relations, IBM India.

For those of you who could not make it to the RoundTable at Hyderabad, we live tweeted the event with the official hashtag of TechSparks - #tsparks. We are happy to share with you that #tsparks trended nationally on Twitter during the event.

Below are some key takeaways for entrepreneurs and startups in 140 characters:

Entrepreneurs’ ability to adapt to and learn from the environment is very important - G V Ravi Shankar, Sequoia Capital

Early days hiring is extremely important - Jayaram Pillai, National Instruments

Stories of entrepreneurs who are solving real problems are of interest to us - G V Ravi Shankar, Sequoia Capital

We back markets first, entrepreneurs later - G V Ravishankar, Sequoia Capital

We see a lot of interesting opportunities in Education & Healthcare space - G V Ravi Shankar, Sequoia Capital

The challenge in engineering space is the infrastructure cost - Jayaram Pillai, National Instruments

We invest a lot in early stage companies. The lowest we have invested is a crore - G V Ravi Shankar, Sequoia Capital

We at IBM are looking for partners to build a smarter planet - Vimal Abraham, IBM India

Many people questioned our business model when we started. Today we busted that myth - Phanindra Sama, RedBus

We have created a level playing field for bus operators in India - Phanindra Sama, RedBus

Whats exciting for us at redBus is the impact that we have created - Phanindra Sama, RedBus

Today there is so much access to knowledge out there on the internet that anyone can create great technology products - Phanindra Sama, RedBus

Distributions mechanisms have drastically changed & are more accessible now. Leverage that and make money - Narendra Bhandari, Intel Software

We are one of the largest technology investors in the entire world. We have already done 300 plus investments - Narendra Bhandari, Intel Software

Most of the social networking apps fall at the category of Lifestyle apps. We are moving towards Livelihood apps - Narendra Bhandari, Intel Software

Please take a look at the entire stream of tweets on twitter here.

Testimonials for TechSparks on Twitter

@masade #tsparks #hyderabad was really inspiring! Lots of insights. Thanks @YourStorydotin team.

@VaradhKrish Recommended #tsparks yesterday to a friend. He attended and thanked me so much. Passing it on to @YourStorydotin

@vemuruadi One more great #tsparks event for startups and this time in my beloved Hyderabad. Great Job @YourStorydotin team!

@krithikanelson I guess by now, every entrepreneur is dreaming about the day they are on the #tsparks stage, addressing the next generation of entrepreneurs! I am!

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