“We have over 7500 users for our product, Visual Website Optimizer” - Paras Chopra, Wingify.


Paras, tell us about your startup Wingify.Wingify makes products that help businesses make more money online. Our flagship product is “Visual Website Optimizer”, which is a easy to use A/B testing tool. It lets marketers create different versions of a website or landing page, and then test on live traffic to see which one brings maximum revenue and conversions.

How are you different from other players in this space?

Most other players in this market require a knowledge of HTML or JavaScript in order to create different versions of a website or landing page. Our solution does not require any knowledge of technology, as we provide a drag-and-drop editor to create different versions of the website for A/B testing.

What was your Wingify Eureka moment?

There was a clear gap in the market. On one hand there were free but basic tools for A/B testing. One the other hand there were advanced but costly A/B testing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Both kinds of solutions were a pain to integrate. We sought to introduce a product which was affordable (starting at $49/month) and radically simplified to create A/B tests.

How much capital was required to startup?

Except for domain and hosting, no other funding is required.How has the product been received so far?

The tool has been widely adopted. As of now, we have 7500 plus users for the product. For a B2B product, this number is pretty good.

What’s your target market?

Our primary target is companies outside of India.

What’s your background, Paras?

I graduated from DCE in 2008 and during my undergrad days I dabbled with a lot of web development projects. Taking up those web projects was a huge learning experience for me. After graduating, I worked for about 1.5 years for another startup before quitting to start Wingify.

Who are your customers?

Our customers include well known brands like Microsoft, Groupon, FourSquare, MakeMyTrip, Rackspace, etc. It has been well received, although there is still long way to go.

Where do you see your venture three to five years from now?

We aspire is to make “Visual Website Optimizer” the de-facto A/B testing tool for all kinds of organizations (large or small).

How do you make money? What is the costing structure?

We charge a monthly subscription for using our software. Subscription starts at $49/month for a small site and scales to thousands of dollars per month for large sites. We have chosen not to raise funding as our revenues are sufficient for our growth. We are extremely profitable.

Tell us about your team. Are you looking at hiring?

We are 6 people right now. 5 engineers and 1 designer. I mostly do sales/marketing these days but still count myself as an engineer. We are looking forward to hiring 2 dedicated people for sales and marketing and 1 more engineer for technical support. In case any of your readers want to join our exciting startup in Delhi, they should definitely contact us. We provide awesome salaries, free lunches included! We want to be a 10 to 15 person team before end of this year.

Anything else that you want to share with us?

We have seen 15% monthly growth in revenue for the past 12 months. We have acquired over 7500 users already.

Learn more about this venture here http://www.wingify.com/

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