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Monday August 08, 2011,

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Amidst all the bleak news dotted by tiny good ones, people are on a constant look-out for these tiny dots. Dutiee does just this. Dutiee projects the good happening around the world at one place. In short, Dutiee is your daily dose of social good. “We're the definitive source for all things 'socially good' from across the web. We find and profile social ventures all over the world, as well as curate the best content in this space from across the web”, says Amit Deshmukh, co-founder of Dutiee. Amit founded Dutiee along with Deepa Chaudhary and YourStory caught up with these entrepreneurs to know more about their venture.How did the idea come about? Was any funding required?

We found a major gap in the manner in which social ventures communicate with their customers. We thought we could help by letting their customers (normal people like us) understand better what is going on and how they can participate. We didn't require any external capital. All we've invested in the venture so far is our own time.

Is there acceptance for your concept? Can you give us some incidents to illustrate the same?

Yes, we think so. The numbers definitely indicate this. For instance, we're seeing about 250% growth in traffic month on month, (currently at 7000 visits). About 50% of this traffic is users directly browsing to dutiee.com in the morning to check out what’s new on the website.We've also got great comments from the user community.

What is your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge right now is - how do we get our content (which we believe is very good) to people who would like to read it. We're constantly figuring out the best ways to reach out to more people.

Let us know about your expansion plans.

We believe that our audience will have their own personal social good stories to share and we're keen to enable this for them on dutiee.com

Throw in a few stats about the kind of traffic you generate.

Our most popular section seems to be blog.dutiee.com (our original stories). We know this because these stories usually get shared around on social media more than curated ones. In one case, we had 270+ shares on Facebook alone for this story -http://blog.dutiee.com/experience-being-a-buddhist-monk-for-a-month/.

50% of our traffic is from the US, 25% is from India and the rest from Europe and AsiaPac. This is in line with social good activities and trends we see happening worldwide. For example, we know that there is a big push amongst the startup community in the US to come up with for-profit social ventures enabled by technology. This trend is clearly represented in our traffic numbers.

Apart from the original content, the curation model is what makes them unique. Dutiee is still in the beta stage. But they have plans to be profitable with a team of 100+ enthusiastic bloggers located all over the world. Do check out www.dutiee.com to know more.

Jubin Mehta | YourStory.in

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