“Security in Cloud is one of the biggest concerns” of customers in Cloud entrepreneur Suresh’s view

Thursday August 11, 2011,

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Suresh V. Chari, founder of 8K Miles, operates a Cloud-based internet company out of Chennai. 8K Miles is one of the winners of NASSCOM EMERGE 50, a listing of prominent emerging companies in the technology space brought out by NASSCOM every year. Evangelists like Suresh carry the baton for Cloud computing and its benefits to the larger tech community in India. In the run up to the NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave in its 8th edition at Delhi on August 12, Suresh shares his perspectives in an exclusive email chat with chief evangelist Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy.

YourStory: Can you please explain in brief about your company and its offerings?

Suresh Chari: 8KMiles is an internet company that is focused on building solutions around cloud computing. 8KMiles has 2 business units: 8KMiles Cloud Solutions offering cloud consulting, migration and cloud engineering solutions & 8KMiles Ecosystem that provides on-demand access to technology talent and cloud infrastructure.

YS: What excited you about Cloud that you offer Cloud-based solutions?

Suresh: We realized the potential of cloud 3 years back – well before the current euphoria around it. The biggest factor that got us hooked to cloud was the no cap-ex, pay for use model and we felt that is the way the business will conduct in future. It gave us the opportunity to not worry about infrastructure while building our technology solutions.

YS: What are the enabling factors for a Cloud business like yours in India and the negatives. Please list three prominent factors in each.

Suresh: Enabling factors:

  1. Businesses wanting to save capital. No cap-ex
  2. Businesses wanting to scale. On-demand
  3. Effcient way of support and increased business development opportunity


  1. Lack of awareness about cloud.
  2. Broadband penetration (or the lack of it).
  3. Compliance and regulatory requirements.

YS: What were the concerns of your customers when you propose offering Cloud solutions and how do you convince them?

Suresh: Security in cloud is one of the biggest concerns. The other is about the existing investments made on infrastructure and the need to make use of it. We try to explain to our customers that security is a perceived threat and cloud is / can be as secure or vulnerable as any in-house or data center hosted solution and we provide various case studies and solutions to address the issue.

Regarding current investments, we recommend that businesses can make optimize the current IT investment (go for virtualization) and extend to the cloud for future / growth needs. Also, cloud can be considered as a Failover / Disaster Recovery strategy to the existing IT setup.

YS: NASSCOM is doing a lot of activity around Cloud computing. What do you think should be its primary focus when it comes to Cloud computing?

Suresh: There is a lot of noise around cloud computing and everyone is having a cloud support or cloud offering. This has created a lot of confusion among users. So, NASSCOM should focus on creating awareness about cloud computing and help in clearing this confusion and show case successful models.

YS: How do you think the Delhi EMERGEOUT Conclave would help an entrepreneur in the Cloud space or a wannabe entrepreneur wishing to enter the Cloud domain?

Suresh: Can get a real world experience from the speakers who have implemented, consulted in Cloud infrastrcture, SaaS and Platform as a Service. It will help the entrepreneur to use the Cloud for their internal growth and as well leverage the cloud to offer the services to their clients.

YS: Your three tips for an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to embrace Cloud computing for his service or product.


  1. Have a clear understanding of cloud computing and design a strategy for the current services that you offer
  2. Specialize your services or products (cloud computing) in a specific domain so that you can position the value proposition clear to the clients.
  3. Leverage and Public and Private Cloud experience so that you enhance your marketability.
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