Tech 30 Report,’s ode to Product Technology Startups


If John F. Kennedy’s famous saying could be rehashed to state, “ask not what product tech did to you, instead ask what you did for product tech,” we at finally have done our bit to this fledgling domain in technology in India -- product software. It is unlikely that as part of your life with technology that product technology has not affected you. From every little software that you use to the biggest applications that enterprises use, there is that hand of product technology genius, the entrepreneur who toiled hard to bring an awesome customer experience. If technology has pervaded our lives to make it easier, give it up to product technology.But the great Indian IT story is all about services excellence. N.R. Narayana Murthy with six others created Infosys, the now infamous Ramalinga Raju created Satyam, Azim Premji diversified to Wipro Technologies, the pioneer Shiv Nadar created HCL, and the Tatas made a name with TCS very early and now fastest growing Cognizant Technology Services was home to Lakshmi Narayanan. So the story is big and the names are legendary. IT Services don’t need trumpeting and the whole world is talking about these business icons from India. But despite this humdrum of services, is there a slight whisper about any big names in product technology? You might say ZOHO and Sridhar Vembu cannot count alongside others listed before. Is there a name that sounds exciting in product tech that we want to talk, gossip, write, and glorify (like and its $1 billion valuation)? It’s hard to mention even in the faintest of memory.

But the question now is “Are we capable of creating a Narayana Murthy in products”? Can any product company scale as Microsoft, Google, or achieve global consciousness like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter? The future belongs to the brave. The contrarians. The rebels. Here we have them. The Stars of Product Technology emerging to create a buzz that sounds loud and brings music to the ears. Not one or two. But 30 of them. These 30 are just the stars that hold promise. We want them to get limelight, for they deserve to be embraced by the ecosystem of investors, evangelists, technopreneurs, corporates, small and medium-sized businesses so that they let their wings soar high, so high that we hold them with pride.

Are you eager to know more? Write to us for a copy of Tech30 Report released during Grand Finale of TechSparks,’s pan-India hunt for the next product tech company or companies of the future, a future that beholds India to take it to dizzying heights that India is talked about as much a product hub as a services hub.

What is Tech 30 Report?

Tech 30 Report is the inaugural report from analytics. Sensing that startups are not part of any list brought out by the media, compiled a list of 30 promising technology startups in the country after an elaborate search and registration process that resulted in over 400 registrations. Out of the 400 startups, 30 were picked up for showing enough promise to scale. The take at the end of each company listed presents why we chose them. This is the benchmark report for startups in that no other survey or report has extensively shortlisted and profiled product tech startups as we have done.

To grab a copy of the report, write to

—Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist


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