HERO Awards, An Opportunity for Your mHealth App to Win USD $25,000


The closing date for concept submission is on September 23, 2011. The entries could either be early stage startups or ideas.

International Healthcare Group to launch mHealth Incubation Lab in India for Mobile App Developers and Healthcare Professionals

The Borderless Healthcare Group Inc (BHG) is offering cash, mentorship, and office space worth US$25,000, in order to turn your mHealth related startup or idea into an enterprise. Indian mobile application developers and healthcare professionals can now take part in the international HERO (Health Enterprise/Entrepreneur Revolution Officer) contest, and get their hands on a mhealth incubation program supported and managed by a multi-disciplinary team of renowned medical doctors, medical-legal professionals, investment bankers and telecommunication leaders.

The chosen HERO will be the one with the most innovative idea for a mHealth application basis the usability, simplicity, design and customisation of the application. He/She will also get a chance to fly down to Singapore on October 11, 2011 to attend the award ceremony at the inaugural Borderless Healthcare Forum, a week long event featuring key global opinion leaders from the healthcare TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunication) and investment space.

“It is estimated that there will be more than 500 million mHealth users by 2015, of which, the majority will be in the Asia Pacific region. The HERO contest is a synergistic prelude to BHG’s launch of its mHealth incubation lab in India, with the aim to converge various health mobility platforms to the cloud. First generation health-centric mobile apps with basic content or simple algorithms will soon be obsolete as consumers today are looking for new levels of interactivity, functionality, scalability and professional content in their healthcare apps," said Frank Levering, Director of IT Strategy of BH Mobile Pte Ltd. 

"Many patients have begun to see the benefits and payoff themselves, utilizing mHealth apps for better care coordination and increased engagement. Whether it's through apps that offer health coaching for the management and promotion of a healthier lifestyle, or those that allow for better treatment of chronic illnesses, we're seeing new, patient-driven options truly start to make an impact,” said Dr Ruchi Dass, Consulting Advisor to DIT - Government of India, Commonwealth Connect Program,

“Indiais a nest of young, innvative and eager individuals who have great ideas when approaching problems in healthcare. Contests like HERO are a good start, but the real caveat is the incubation lab which will go a long way in creating the environment and framework to turn these ideas into viable products and businesses.” added Dr Ruchi Dass.

Budding mobile apps developers can participate in the HERO Awards competition by submitting a 800 word description of his/her mHealth app idea to www.borderlesshealthcare.com/heroaward. The closing date for concept submission is on September 23, 2011.

For more information and enquiries, please feel free to reach out to hero@borderlesshealthcare.com


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