Micromax's Rahul Sharma: We've been inspired by jugaad-type innovation


If one were to pick two words to describe Micromax, it would definitely be "game changer." They've put phones in the hands of countrymen across India. Phones that run for a month without having to charge themselves. Phones that have allowed for dual SIMs. Phones that have become fashion accessories. But that's not what's amazing about their journey. They've done it quicker (in terms of path to profit), wider (in terms of footprint) and cheaper (in terms of price point) than any of the other players. But did you know that when it was started by four young men with mechanical engineering backgrounds, it was supposed to be an e-commerce venture? Or that their first hardware-based assigment was the installation of payphones in Jammu & Kashmir for Bharti Airtel? In this talk at the Delhi RoundTable of TechSparks 2011, Rahul Sharma, the co-founder, speaks about their journey to the top, being inspired by jugaad or homegrown innovation, creating categories (stamina battery, dual SIM) and the road ahead for the Akshay Kumar-endorsed megabrand. Do check out the video to hear the first-hand account and be inspired by Micromax's adventure-filled story.Rahul Sharma's Keynote speech at TechSparks Round Table Event in Delhi on YS TV

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