INET Conference: Internet for Every Indian


Bangalore, 4th November 2011Free Workshops: 5th – 6th November, 2011

Best Minds from the Industry will converge this November in Bangalore to discuss the Internet in India - from Social Media to E-Commerce to Mobile Internet. The one-day conference day will be followed by two days of five free workshops on Internet topics.

India is one of the largest Internet markets in the world, but there is still lots of room for growth and utilisation across all socio-economic sectors. The INET Bangalore conference will address the current status of Internet penetration and usage in India as well as strategies for increased inclusion and adoption.

Here are three reasons why you must attend the INET Bangalore conference:

1. To hear and interact with a range of authoritative speakers from the local and global Internet community

2. To avail of five free workshops spread over the weekend after the conference

3. To participate actively in shaping the future of the Internet economy in India.

The number of Internet users globally has crossed the 2 billion mark. The Asia Pacific region has led this growth, with India clocking over 100 million users and expected to be some 20% of the total population by 2015. The launch of 3G mobile services in India is also expected to increase this penetration substantially.

INET Bangalore will explore the state of the Internet in India today, and its impact via social media, e-commerce, mobile Internet, e-government and e-learning. It will also look into some of the security and privacy issues that face us today, and explore digital dividends as well as digital divides.

The conference will be participative via interaction sessions as well as social media usage before and during the conference. The one-day conference will be followed by five free workshops spread over two days, covering social media strategies, privacy protection, Internet security and technology development.

Some of the speakers include pioneers in the Indian Internet space:

Arun Jethmalani, ValuenotesDr. James Galvin, Afilias’ Director of Strategic Relationships and Technical Standards

Manoj Leelanivas, Executive Vice President, Junos Application Software (JAS) Business Group

Osama Manzar, Digital Empowerment Foundation

Phanindra Sama, redBus

Sachin Bansal, Flipkart,

Sanjay Anandram, Jumpstartup Venture Fund

Please find the full list of speakers here.

If you are an Internet practitioner or enthusiast in India, this is where all the action would be on 4th November: Taj Vivanta, Bangalore.

Due to limited seating space, registration is required. Please signup online here to attend.

Date: 4th November 2011

Venue: Taj Vivanta, Bangalore

Attendees: Key Internet professionals, entrepreneurs and media


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