MyCityWay Launches Geosocial App Clingle in India


The app is currently available for download on iPhone On the occasion, we at caught up with the founders of MyCityWay to know about Clingle in detail. Edited Excerpts:

What is Clingle?

Clingle is a social network connecting people with the world around them. With Clingle you are enabled to explore popular places around you, keep track of your friends, start conversations on your favorite locations and keep your world engaged like never before! Be it finding nearest dining spot, sharing your visit there with the world and sending personalized messages(using text, picture, audio or video(coming soon)) to friends about the spot, Clingle makes your everyday journey more exciting and fun filled!

How is Clingle different from other such geosocial apps?It's more than just a check-in app, Clingle is a 'fully-loaded' location based social network. Unlike most other apps that let you only to broadcast your current location, Clingle goes beyond and lets you connect with the people and places around you in more meaningful ways.

Clingle comes with places data, right out of the box!

We understand data sits in the core of any location based app, and users can't rely only on the community to add places. We therefore have added places data across categories from dining spots to movie theaters, from offices to entertainment venues preloaded so the user could start exploring the city right away, and in the best possible way.

(Clingle has places data for over 300 Indian cities and Singapore, we will soon be adding places data for the UK, USA and the rest of the world shortly)

Cling and share the goodness of the world!The most intrinsic and the binding feature of Clingle are the Clings, which are messages that can be left at your favourite locations for your friends. What is even better? You can add audio clips, photos and even videos(coming soon!) to your cling and make it more special!

A Cling could be used as a

Personalized tip - Are you at a location and have something to tell your friends? Leave a Cling at the location tagging your friends and let them know about goodness of the place.

Group Travelogue - Touring with your friends at a far away place? Create a group Cling and put together your experiences there, and keep the moments with you forever.

Memoirs of places - Have a special memory that you share at a place with someone? Leave a cling with your experiences there and relive the memories.

Personal reminders - Want to be reminded of getting milk when you are at the grocers? Leave a cling for yourself as a reminder, so whenever you check-in there you view it and get things done.

Surprises - Want to give surprises to your friends when they are at a location? Lock a cling at their favorite locations and make them unlock it as a surprise when they check-in, or go beyond and play treasure hunts with friends by locking/unlocking surprises at various locations around your city!

Game it on - Leaderboard and special badgesYou earn points for every action done on Clingle, which puts you on the leaderboard. Every week you get complete with friends and other users of Clingle to top the leaderboard and win special Clingle goodies (coming soon)

You also get to unlock surprise badges based on your activities on Clingle. (Example- Discovering new places on Clingle, frequenting a coffee shop, frequently too many pubs in a week). The badges are fun, collect some and show off your collections to the world.

We at recommend you to download and try out Clingle

Do share your experience with us by writing to us at We shall soon bring to you a detailed review of Clingle. 


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