Cloud Conclave 2011: Unveiling Top 5 Cloud Startups

We at are delighted to share with you the top 5 winners of “What is Your Cloud Story” contest organized as part of Cloud Conclave 2011 with Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, We thank Amazon Web Services for enabling us to do this.

Here are the winners, in alphabetical order:


Cloudpact enables smooth integration of business process management systems through which enterprises can deploy tasks and decisions to mobile employees. Cloudpact helps enterprises keep their mobile workforce connected to the enterprise when they are on the run and gives them the power to work even when they are offline.


HMS Infotech is an innovative SaaS firm that enables budget and mid market hotels to manage bookings, reservations, accounting, and housekeeping through Hotelogix, a centralized web based property management system. Hotelogix helps hotels distribute their available rooms to all possible channels of sales and enables all stakeholders to have access to real time information on a live system. HMS Infotech aspires to empower all mid-sized businesses in the hospitality industry with the operational efficiency of 5-star hotels.


Payoda is a Coimbatore based company that offers enterprise mobility applications, as well as products and solutions in the domains of healthcare, mining, and energy & utilities. Payoda focuses on the holistic experience of delivering quality in the least possible time at the most optimal price. 

Plivo enables application developers and companies to have greater control over their telephony applications. It is a development framework that can be used to build multiple telephony applications, including voice mail systems, click to call systems, and even complex applications like billing and call center systems. Plivo is compatible with Skype, SIP, H.323, Google Voice, and Google Talk. 

Techcello is an exciting new product company that shrink-wraps engineering excellence and architectural quality into low-cost products that can be used by the dozens. The global group of architects and SaaS developers strive to provide a robust and high quality multi-tenant engineering foundation for products and applications, so that developers can focus on building business features and functionalities. They focus on the engineering layer which is found in between the .net technology layer and the business layer. Techcello has two flagship products. The first is CelloSaaS which offers freedom, flexibility, and control over custom development in building SaaS. The second product is Celloframe, a multi-tenant development framework that is used for building enterprise applications.And here's the list of Top 10 Student Cloud Ideas selected at Cloud Conclave 2011

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