Mingly: Get Job changes, updates and birthdays of your friends right in your Gmail


Mingly wants to solve the growing problem of social-network information overload. With so many sources of information and communication, staying connected with the people that matter is increasingly challenging. Mingly makes it easy to nurture new relationships and maintain existing ones, keeping users in touch with the people that matter most. The company was founded in 2010 by Tyler Koblasa after winning Startup Weekend L.A. Mingly is based in San Francisco and is a network company of Idealab.

Living right in Gmail, Mingly:

  • Aggregates your contacts from Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into a searchable, merged social address book
  • Keeps you informed and in touch by pulling key updates from your networks, like birthdays and job changes, into a single feed
  • Makes it easy to send social-network messages without leaving your inbox
  • Helps you keep track of conversations with contacts across your different networks.

Mingly’s browser extension is currently available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, though a web service and mobile app are in development.

Mingly has received $500,000 from Idealab, Allen Morgan, Alex Karelin and other angel investors.

How does Mingly plan to monetize its offerings? “Mingly intends to continue offering some level of free service, but will develop a premium edition that includes an advanced feature set. Mingly is also working with third-party integration partners to keep people connected online and offline” says the founder Tyler Koblasa.So what makes Mingly different from the similar products out there? “Most products focus only on showing context, conversation history and analytics, or aggregated contacts. Mingly’s goal is to create an easy-to-use but robust tool that helps people truly stay connected and build relationships. Mingly enables users to see all their contacts and conversations in one place, as well as contacts’ key news from across social networks. Mingly also provides tools that help users keep track of new and existing connections. Mingly is also pursuing exciting, innovative ideas to further help people stay organized, informed and in touch” adds Tyler.

Try out Mingly here. Do let us know how was your experience with the application by commenting below.