Now, get discounts on group home loans: ties up with real estate group portal

0, India’s first group buying portal on loan products has entered into a strategic alliance with, a group buying real estate portal to assist customers on their home loan requirements. The alliance is a symbiotic relationship where GNBIndia would cater to the home loan requirements of customers wishing to bag a group discount on property deals through Groffr’s by aggregating them together and thereby offering them group home loans.Signing a MoU with Vikhyat Srivastava,, Co-founder & Director Ashish Jeph, said, “We at are constantly looking at ways to be more accessible to our customers and help them choose the best deal on loans. The alliance has been considered keeping in mind our business model, which is exactly in line with that of Groffr’s. The proposition works out very well with the clients as they save money on two accounts: While buying home via Groffr, clients get the group discount and secondly while taking a home loan, clients get the group discount on the same loan through GNBIndia.

Commenting on this development, Vikhyat Srivastava, Co-founder, said, “Our website helps source special deals and discounts for buyers. Many people who plan to buy a property have a hard time getting their loan approved at a desired price, however, the tie-up with GNBIndia will aid our clients leverage their negotiating power by fulfilling their home loan requirements.”


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