Startups and Sachin's 100th Century


Almost everybody in India woke up cheering for Sachin’s 100th Century today but to everyone’s dismay it’s still a few matches away. He started wonderfully well today morning and it looked as if even before everyone would enter the stadium he would raise his bat at his hometown but there were some different plans set out for him and the wait continues.Running a startup is so much similar to this phase of Sachin’s 100th Century in various ways

1. You never know what’s going to happen next minute – Sachin has reached 100′s so easily till last year and since last 8 months it’s been such a struggle repeating the same thing. There are phases in your startup journey when all is going great and then the landslide starts but that doesn't mean the commitment is low or you are doing something wrong. It’s just that you need to continue and stay put and pass the phase. I am sure Sachin will get his 100th century soon if not today some other day, and I think that’s the level of confidence and self belief that needs to be there.

2. New Day is always a new day – In last so many occasions we have seen Sachin play well and cross 50 but when he comes the next day the landmark seems to elude him. In a startup a new day is a new day. You got to start afresh, forget the good and bad of the last day and focus on what’s on hand.

3. Focus – We have seen so many startups starting wonderfully well but losing focus mid way especially when the BIG THING is nearing. Much like Sachin going just 6 runs away from what could have been a great great innings, slight loss of focus can lead to a sudden downfall in the fortunes of a startup.

Having said all of this, we salute Sachin for making runs like a machine and delivering beyond expectations day and night. We at Jade Magnet are sure he will reach his 100th century soon and it’s just a matter of time.

About the Author

Manik Kinra is Co-founder of Jade Magnet, a creative crowdsourcing platform. Jade Magnet has around 15,000 people in the ecosystem and has served over 500 SMEs across the globe providing various design solutions. Manik drives marketing and sales for Jade Magnet and writes regularly at various forums on crowdsourcing, marketing and SMEs


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