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More than two decades ago, two students - Atul Gupta and Anuja Lath came together with a vision. Internet was new in India, but during the introductory stage of web they foresaw the huge potential and decided to put in their creativity into it. Today, they have come along a long way. Their journey started with a visual communications company in 1986 and now has branched out into four different business got in touch with them to capture this amazing run.Hi Atul, Anuja – Can you briefly introduce yourself with our readers.

Atul Gupta: I come from an advertising background. With Anuja, I co-founded Pugmarks Design Studio in 1986. In 1996, we co-founded Pugmarks InterWeb (P) Ltd., a web solutions, online marketing and web hosting company. I am also a TiE Charter Member, a CII Council Member and a regular speaker and adviser in industry conferences and seminars.

Anuja Lath: I also have similar background as Atul. I was a university topper and gold-medalist in advertising. We co-founded all the three ventures. In the past two decades I have worked as a Graphics Designer, an Art Director, pursued Screen Printing, written HTML code, and designed websites. But our ventures are what have always got me excited.

And what do you do when you’re not taking the internet by storm?

Atul: When time permits, I create sculptures. I also enjoy reading scientific theories on quantum physics and the mysteries of the universe. And yes, love cooking!

Anuja:On the fun front, I love hitting the gym, go roller-blading, building hammocks. I often drive off to a long and adventurous camping or trekking trips in the mountains.

How did RedAlkemi happen?

After the two ventures, in 2002, we co-founded our third - RedAlkemi to offer Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, and Web Solutions globally. Our objective was to offer solutions to a global customer base and since then we’ve led it to become a leading name in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Web Solutions space.

Why search engine marketing and optimisation?

With increasing technology know how along with both companies and there target market increasingly getting dependent upon the internet, competition is rapidly increasing. World Wide Web has become the most favoured, trusted, easiest and foremost approach for the people when they consider buying or using certain products and services. In such a scenario Search engine Marketing and Optimization plays a crucial role as it increases the probablility of your service or product to be the chosen one.

What is your business model?

Our entire business is being divided into four different verticles namely 1) Search Engine marketing 2) SEM Products 3) Social Media Marketing 4) Web Solutions.

Each of these four business verticles are further divided into different categories depending upon the functionality. A dedicated team works for each categorized service.

Tell us about your work force and your offices.

RedAlkemi works with its base office in Chandigarh with a vibrant team of 130+ professionals handling various business verticles. Apart for India we have our business development professional handling business from California, New York, Virginia, Missouri and Srilanka.

So you cater to Indian as well as international markets?

RedAlkemi today has over 400 clients spread over North America, Europe, and Australia. Our 90% of business is generated through US. We have our Business Development professionals working in various regions of US like California, New York, Virginia and Missouri. As of now we have huge client base in US, UK and Australia. But in future we plan to spread our wings to other countries as well. We are looking forward to alarger global market.

What are the other products that RedAlkemi offers?

We started with in-house projects of and in 2010., an SEO tools engine developed by the Research and Development team at RedAlkemi, offers over 20 proficient automated tools to make SEO analysis process easy and efficient. has been developed with an objective to allow website owners to either exchange or buy low cost quality links. We even have an in-house training institute in which we train young minds and provide employment to them.

How has your journey been so far?Both the journey and the response has been overwhelming till date. We have been expanding our business intesively and with great zeal and every new project has proved to be a success. Today, RedAlkemi also runs a training institute which aims at creating powerful professionals out of young minds. With over 400 clients across the globe, 20 business partners, 85% repeat business, multiple challenging projects and a motivated team of more than 130 professionals, RedAlkemi has carved a niche for itself in the field Search Engine Optimization.

What do you think sets you apart from other ventures like yours?

We differ from others just because of the qualities of service we provide.Importance of customer satisfaction is more than that of profit earning. Because of this we are able to retain our old customer base till date.

What are the challenges you faced as an entrepreneur?

The major challenge we faced was in building up a strong, credible team and retaining them with us. Then client retention was another challenge for which we gave our best to provide high quality service and regularly mentain our service levels.

What are the plans for the coming years?

RedAlkemi has not set any boundaries for itself. We are looking forward to expand the team size and the client base. We keep on introducing new projects time to time. Our business is expanding and we are planning to introduce two more in-house projects namely and by 2012.

Tell us about those two offerings that you plan to launch in the coming years.

We plan to launch and in 2012. With, businesses can buy ready-made link-building and SEO packages to strengthen their online presence. is one of its kind concept, which will allow businesses/individuals to own, create and customize their websites within 24 hours.

Are you looking to hire?

RedAlkemi always welcomes dedicated and hardworking people. We have an in-house training institute that polishes the young mind and creates employment for them in the company itself.

Tell us about your achievements so far.

RedAlkemi is 9001-2008 ISO registered company which is registered with Software Technology park of India(STPI) and also a member of Confideration of India Industries (CII). I (Anuja Lath) recently won the “Woman of the Year Award” awarded by Dainik Bhaskar in 2011 and STPI award for the “Best Woman Entrepreneur”. Also Redalkemi has won STPI award for the Best HR practices.

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- Rohit Rohan


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