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Ishan Gupta - Stanford Alumni, one of the first key hires of Facebook for exploring opportunities in India, held senior position at One97 and launched One97 Mobility Fund,  Author of the book - "Make the Move - Demystifying Entrepreneurship”, life is good, but then there is a burning desire – to do something different, meaningful and yes take the entrepreneurial plunge again!

For Ishan Gupta starting his second entrepreneurial venture (first one was Appin Labs when he was just 21), Edukart, this year has been a natural progression to what he always wanted to do – do something that creates high impact and at the same build a scalable enterprise. Ishan co-founded with his friend Mayank Gupta, a graduate of Indian Institute of Management who has worked in companies like Educomp,, IBM and Bank of America.

So what is into? is an online self-paced learning portal which provides high quality and industry relevant certificate courses at an extremely affordable price points for students and working professionals. offers courses across multiple industries and functions. Currently there are courses available in the fields of Retail Management, Finance Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship and more. All courses are supported by unlimited telephonic customer support.

Target audience

Students pursuing higher education and young professionals, all of whom are looking to upskill themselves, improve their industry knowledge and give a positive signal to potential employers.

Quiz Ishan on what he is aiming to build at and pat comes the reply, “India’s Online Super store of educational courses that are high quality and have extremely affordable.  Specialized skills and knowledge will increasingly play a crucial role in finding good quality jobs. Currently, there is no place online where one can get all kinds of skill enhancement courses. We are addressing this gap and catering to the inherent need in the market for such courses.”

Proof of Concept

Not even one month since the official launch of the portal, Ishan is seeing an upsurge in the traffic coming to his site. The visits are not only from top metros but from smaller town and cities too. Also the registration for courses are in full swing.

Building Differentiation and Value

1. Rating Card – All the students who finish the course from will be given a rate card which will be like a rating of employment ( a stringent mechanism of numbering, which eventually is banking will become a standard  benchmark in the industry and most of the recruiters will consider the scores)

2.  Licenses to Colleges and Institutes – will be giving licenses to colleges, institutes to avail some of the courses for their students and faculties

3. DVD etc for all the online courses are also in the pipeline

What are the consumers of Edukart’s services saying?

“A good experience to know the original digital world which exists around us" - Balvir Soni, Jalandhar

"I learnt a lot about the retail sector including the business, activities and services of retail" - Pawan Kumar, Meerut

With 121 million Internet users and an addition of 7-9 million users a month, India is now one of the largest Internet economies (third largest after China and US)  and with education coming in the top 3 internet usages, is surely in the right space at the right time.  With entrepreneur Ishan Gupta at the helm, this startup is surely one to watch out for!

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- Shradha Sharma


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