Helping Teachers Teach Entrepreneurship : NFTE Connect website


The Pearson Foundation with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) has launched the Connect website, a free online platform that will support and promote the teaching of entrepreneurship skills in America’s classrooms.The new online teacher support platform was announced in conjunction with today’s first Startup America Partnership Board meeting, hosted at the White House.The initial Connect community will consist of the more than 400 educators nationwide who have completed NFTE’s advanced professional development workshop, NFTE University. These teachers and administrators are already using NFTE’s entrepreneurship education approach, which helps young people place their educational goals in the context of real-world success through the process of planning and creating functioning, profitable enterprises.

Teachers and administrators who join Connect can take advantage of NFTE’s free tools including lesson plans, classroom activities, and standards correlations. They can also become part of an online community of educators through Connect’s social media capabilities including forums, groups, and blogging.


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