3 Mobile Apps Ideas worth Considering!


One of the recent posts on YourStory.in , regarding Windows Phone App Challenge reminds me of my similar experience, when my team and i took up a challenge to submit app ideas for Meego and QT. It was a contest initiated by Intel and Nokia then. We discussed many new ideas and few of them were submitted and implemented. I was really amazed to see a couple of those apps, which we did not submit for Meego/QT contest, but are now developed on iOS and Android and were showcased recently on YourStory too. It is great fun to see mobile market growing and I must thank YourStory.in team for launching such a contest at their portal also. I may not be a participant for this contest, but I wish to discuss some of the mobile apps which I personally miss and would like to have in Indian market. They may already exist or might be under construction. I hope my post will help developers get newer ideas and win this contest. Wish you all the luck, guys. I plan to discuss three possible mobile apps here, which I miss myself many a times.

Rearing up an infant: Being young parents we generally wish, if an experienced fellow could help us with regular guidance for better rearing of our infants. We do random research on internet; get some very good directions from our family elders and do all other possible efforts to arrange what best we can do, but then a permanent, regular and handy source of information is still missing. I am sure, am not the only one facing this challenge and a mobile app, which could address this concern, is needed. I had even once thought of its probable functionality. Say a couple, who has just stepped in parenthood, installs this app on their mobiles. App must ask infant’s date of birth, weight, height, health condition of newly born on its first day and other needed medical specifications. App should then suggest health measures, tonics, natural dietary add-ons, and home remedies for better growth of child. There should be regular updates from parents in app’s database about their child’s progress, health and learning. Based on those updates, app should keep sending notes or guidance to parents regularly, may be twice a week or whatever. Every message should carry a warning to alert parents that the suggested ideas should be adopted by them after appropriate consultation with Doctor.

Personal Accounts: Being an avid traveller, I like to arrange small trips along with my friends quite frequently. Our every trip starts with a common practice. We estimate the trip cost and collect contribution from every trip joiner. And every such trip leaves us with calculations, adjustments and mismatch in individuals’ accounts. I find a need of a mobile app here, which can ease this exercise. App must gather following information before starting the trip.

  • Activity Name
  • Total expected expenditure
  • Names of participants, their email IDs and mobile no.s
  • Individual contribution value
  • Relation between total contri collected (CC) and expected expenditure (EE); CC=EE, CC>EE or CC<EE

App should facilitate to send this information to every trip joiner either in an email or as an SMS. Now during the trip, for example if an individual spends for the whole group, then that information should be recorded in the app and the message should be conveyed to every joiner. App should then calculate the final amount, group owes to that individual. Email messages and SMS should be invoked from App during every transaction happening from group’s account or if the amount is spent by any individual for the whole group. This brings transparency in the system and shall certainly prevent any error due to missing entries. When the trip is over app must inform accounts in following manner.

  • Mr. A owes: -2000 to Group
  • Mr. B owes: -2000 to Group
  • Mr. C owes: - 1000 to Group
  • Mr. D owes: +5000 to Group

This informs that A, B and C shall pay more money to group and that money shall then be given to D. Information must be updated in the app’s database, as and when accounts get cleared. If accounts are not cleared; this app shall keep sending reminders to those, who owe to the group.

HR and Payroll App: I certainly look forward to use an application which can help me access all my employment related benefits and information anywhere, anytime. I should be able to see my current year’s salary slips, my leaves status, my loan from the company, details about my ESOPs, list of holidays in current year, company’s HR policies, my tax deductions etc. When salary is deposited in my bank account, I should get an auto generated message from my Admin, for its successful deposition. App should also have a section showing company news and staff directory. This will help employees, who work remotely, to interact more efficiently from their home offices.

These ideas obviously need grooming and may require dedicated workouts on their details to get shaped properly. I intended to share my wish list and fantasies in the above article, but am sure, such apps will certainly improve one’s life and they are really needed.