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The Indian art scene has followed a vacillating curve ever since the turn of the new millennium. Coming to prominence in the early 2000’s, it held the centre stage till the mid 2000’s after which it saw a dip and rose again a couple of years later, a journey which has been well traced by John Elliott in his post at The Independent.Art Emporio, which was started up in the first quarter of 2011 fosters the art scene in India and provides over 50,000 Licensed Reproduction Prints of art as Fine Art Prints & Posters meant for wall decoration.

Indian artists haven’t yet been able to capture the kind of money or attention that Chinese artists have managed, nevertheless, S.H.Raza managed India’s record price with $3.5 million last year (the Chinese record in $10.2 million). Affording this kind of art is not within every art lovers grasp and hence there are reproduction prints. There are bigger players like SaffronArt and IndianArtCollectors which sell original art online but these are expensive. This is where sellers like Art Emporio come in.

About Art Emporio

Founder Nikul Sharma tells us, “Art Emporio was started to bridge the gap between the expensive Original Art sold in art gallery and factory made framed pieces which do not go well with a modern home decor. It was the beauty of religious Krishna paintings in a small art shop at Vrindavan that mesmerized, followed by a need to do up walls of our newly constructed home that gave a strong motivation to become an entrepreneur and hence introduce in India, quality art at affordable prices while keeping the artist’s interest intact. Hence, licensed reproduction enabled to meet both these factors and Art Emporio began in early 2011”

The founders

Nikul Sharma, 23 years old, born and brought up in Ambala, Haryana joined his father in his business to help him. The aim was to set up an export arm and tap foreign markets and along with elder brother Manik Sharma, they knew that India and Internet is the way to go at this point in time.

Paintings from close to 3000 artists

It takes a lot of time to understand several aspects of sourcing and tie-ups in the art market especially when it is related to Reproduction Prints. But Art Emporio has managed to perform this task by convincing artists based across the globe through a promise of good visibility and a huge market.

The timeline

At present, Art Emporio has a 12-15 days delivery time frame which is required to source Art Prints from respective license holders and artist across US & Europe. From the time of receiving an order, they bring in logistics to play and consolidate shipments towards their warehouse in India, from where they are packaged and shipped to individual customers as per specifications with an 11 day return policy.

How is selling 'art' online different?

“Selling Art online is no ways comparable to selling t-shirts, mobiles or shoes which are mass consumable goods. The kind of artwork we sell has a different set of customers who generally would shop for expensive shoes, watches or a dress in a luxury store. The taste, love and need to decorate walls with such Global wall art trends is of a greater significance to a well travelled individual, house owner, art lover, or a die-hard fan of respective popular cultures. This is the reason we have ensured to maintain a high number of offerings of art prints to offer over our website. Our customers spend hours and hundreds of page views to finalize a perfect piece ofart works at a very affordable price. Catering such an audience indeed brings in more satisfaction for the efforts and hard work that goes in to run Art Emporio”, says Nikul.

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