AT&T Embraces OpenStack


AT&T’s CTO, John Donovan has announced that they have launched a Cloud for developers that is based on OpenStack. Branded as Cloud Architect, AT&T’s Cloud will target Private Cloud, Public Cloud and also Hybrid Cloud that can be connected via MPLS-based corporate VANs. While the site ( for AT&T’s Public Cloud was not live at the time of posting this article, it may be made available to developers soon.

With this, AT&T becomes one of the first Telcos to pledge support for OpenStack. Interestingly, AT&T has already gone live with OpenStack across three data centers based in Dallas, San Diego and New Jersey. They also announced to double the data centers this year!

Dell and HP are the two traditional H/W vendors who already announced their support for OpenStack. Last year, Internap has gone live with OpenStack offering a Public Cloud solution. With AT&T coming on-board as the first Telco, OpenStack gets a big boost. As I predicted earlier, 2012 will see the rise of OpenStack!

- Janakiram MSV, Chief Editor,


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