; Playing with Colors!


I met Germany based Christian Atz and Daniel Heitz, at Royal Café, South-Bombay a week back and I have to be honest when I say I was really intrigued by their concept. Knowing of their enthusiasm as they worked on their startup at iAccelerator, Ahmedabad, I found it unique and undoubtedly interesting, but I knew not how it’d work!Manyfold small little raindrops form prisms, which break the sunlight up into all these spectral colors. Depending on their position in the sky, a special color reaches your eye – and only its only for their great teamwork, that in the end you can see, what only rain and sun can produce cooperatively: A rainbow!

Now, as I explained you the rainbow, let’s get back to the internet. I munched on my Queso Blanco Sizzler while Daniel explained to me how very soon, the biggest and most social rainbow of the world will be assembled under www. ! “The fundamental idea is simple,” he said “There are 16.7 million colors for a modern computer and we want to fill each and every single one of them with life. Every color costs a symbolic amount of one dollar, first come, first served. In the end, there will be something cheerful for everybody: The biggest rainbow party!”

So basically, for a symbolic amount of 1$, you can buy the color of your choice and you can do a lot of stuff with it, later on: Who in the world owns the most contrary color to yours? Who else (but you) chose to buy really nice colors? Who of them could you possibly write – maybe just to say: “Hey you, I like your color! Would you like to go out with me?”

And there’s more: With the right color, you can even get something for free from their partners: A great discount on a green pullover for all proud owners of greenish colors, a free drink at the pink party at the club in your hometown, some free text-messages at one of all those blue mobilephone carriers out there…

One thing is sure: Their big rainbow-party is going to be legendary! And from now on, you can be one of the first who reserve their dream-colors on!

Selling colours, are we? I asked him in German ,,Verkaufen Sie Farben!?” ,,Na ja!” replied his physicist brother, Christian “What may seem like a crazy idea at first glance, shows enormous potential and a lot of fun, when regarded more profoundly. Colors remind us of moments, emotions and interesting stories. And everybody has his very own, favorite color. The hair color of your first real love, the spray used to color your mofa, the glittering orange of the new goldfish – or only a mental representation of a special feeling. People are attracted by several colors. Other colors may not attract them, at all!”

Interresant, eh? I told you so. Their huge, wildly colored rainbow shall soon comprise of several social hub-functions: It is possible to chat, twitter and flirt here, you can find new friends, which – just as yourself – chose to buy great colors that you like, you can determine who owns your contrary color, you can compute artistic color-gradings between the colors of you and your (new) friends. You can even check out, which new products exist in your favorite color. From now on, they accept reservations for the most popular colors out there. The more you twitter and post a link they send you, the earlier you will be able to reserve your color.

So What The Farbe are we waiting for? Let’s go! Early birds can register for an early access to the colors. And then it won’t be long until it says: The wonderful color #09eefc is now

- Abhilasha Dafria