f there was a magic pill for happiness, success and a fulfilling life, I would have taken it first. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of life to find happiness? So in a real world where happiness is as elusive as a steadily growing bank balance, let me share with you some of the things that ensure happiness. Before you put on that smirk, I would say, try it out and see what happens. I tried it through last year (2014) and it worked like magic. So here are some things that work better than magical pills -

1. Work (and always) for a win-win partnership instead of me-win. If you win, I win and we both win. (Think how you can do that when you go for your next pitch, demo or even a family outing).


2. Small is big. Small leads to big and small will be your biggest strength. How do you become big? How do you achieve greatness? I don’t know. But, one thing that makes big is doing the same small thing, everyday. Every single day. These same small steps every day, suddenly explodes into something big. Try it out, be it weight loss, more revenues, more customers, or in every walk of life, if you are doing the same stuff daily diligently and passionately, you will start seeing results. And, those results will surprise you. It sneaks on you while you are busy doing the same small things.

3. Nobody cares, truly. Nobody cares if you are upset, hurt or lying in the ditch. So why bother? Don’t sweat over it and please, please don’t brood over it. One thing you will learn the more you live and the more mistakes you make is that people (as a collective entity) are blessed with very short memory and in many ways, a forgiving memory. So why bother? Why feel upset? See how you can cut down on your ‘bad time’ feeling and use it to work on that dreadful presentation or just go for a run. Trust me, do it and experience it. Get seriously busy whenever that low feeling creeps in.