iWeekend 2012 Innovation cum Technical Fest-JECRC, Jaipur

  • iWeekend is an International Technical cum Convention-Expo event to be held in the month of February from 3rd to 5th at Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre. It will provide a big platform to students all over the globe to learn a lot and become multidimensional.The forte of this event is “Innovation”. Electrifying innovative ideas in the field of technology and business is the theme of the event. Details of the events are as follows:iEngineer

Undergraduate and postgraduate institutes in the theme of Electronics, Robotics, Automobiles

as well as grass root innovations are welcome. The essence of iEngineer lies in the theme of participants from different parts of the world showcasing their work and innovation based on topics mentioned above.

  • iBusiness

iBusiness, attracts the best corporate brains all over the world to compete and showcase their strategy on how they wish to turn their business idea into a boon. It’s not just a conventional business plan contest but has a twist, apart from being feasible and revenue generating.

  • iSoftware

Entries in the form of mobile applications, web applications as well as computer applications are welcome under the banner of iSoftware. The winning entries also get an opportunity to show the whole world what they created and connect with corporates for further networking.

  • Convention and iXpo

On the same hand Convention-cum-Tech expo, will see various technology giants reveal their latest technologies. It will be graced with the presence of well-known speakers, expert judges, media houses, venture capitalists and angel investors from different parts of the world.

“iWeekend” would veritably be an international event with delegates and students from overseas. The live streaming of the whole event will reach international participants through virtual media. It will also boost the proficiency of students through the series of competitions which pours a high level of confidence and dexterity for forth coming time

Spend your Weekend with iWeekend.

Last date of the registration is 25th January 2012

For more information please visit: http://jecrciweekend.com/


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