Key highlights of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2011


The 13th annual survey of early-stage entrepreneurship worldwide, launched at the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, is the largest single study of its kind. GEM interviewed more than 140,000 adults in 54 economies across diverse geographies and a range of economic levels.Some key findings:

  • Entrepreneurs are now numbering near 400 million in 54 countries - with millions of new hires and job creation expectations in the coming years.
  • Over 140 million of these entrepreneurs expect to add at least five new jobs over the next five years
  • TEA (Total Early Stage Activity) rose 25 percent among 16 developing economies with China, Argentina and Chile boasting above-average rates in 2010 and even higher rates in 2011.
  • Intent to start businesses is highest in emerging economies (those in early-stage development). People in these economies are most likely to see opportunities and believe in their ability to start a business. They also hold entrepreneurship in high regard.
  • Early-stage entrepreneurs are most often young to middle-age (25-44 years), though in many developing economies, there is a tendency toward younger entrepreneurs.
  • Among the developing economies, Chile, Peru, South Africa, and Poland have high percentages of entrepreneurs with innovative products and services.

Download the complete report here.