MyDressMyStyle - Mobile Accessories Startup, Making Colorful Mobile Skins


Mobile and mobile accessories is a huge market in India which has been on an upswing for quite some time and is expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future. The biggest chunk of the mobile sales by volume is from the lower price range band. This is a segment in which accessories play a small role and functionality rules the roost here, but this might change if affordable options are provided to the segment.MyDressMyStyle aims to capture this segment by providing quality and colorful mobile skins for wide range of mobile phones. One usually wouldn’t expect people with high-end smartphones flashing colourful mobile skins so the target seems to be different here. Founded by Atul Mittal, MyDressMyStyle is targeted towards audience who usually relate with mobile accessories.

Having been associated with the mobile industry for years, Atul has amassed quite an insight into the mass psyche and knows what sells and what doesn’t and where to sell. Atul has previously worked with ‘Ramtronics Ltd’ during his job stint and now has big plans for MyDressMyStyle.

Mobile Skin Defined

Mobile skin is basically a fashion product through which one can make his/her mobile phone colourful as well as different. It’s a skin for mobiles made out of quality vinyl layer which is thin and stays on it. The plus is that the adhesive doesn’t leave any marks once the skin is removed and a hence a scratch-less surface can be ensured.

Launch and sales

Launched on the 24th October, 2011, MyDressMyStyle has managed to sell more than 10,000 pieces till date through retail outlets alone. These outlets are spread across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Plans to go online

Atul elaborates on this, “We sell through our existing dealer and distributors presently. We’re working on tie ups with retail chains and online – social media marketing and by March, we’ll blow our trumpet in the online market and have a digital footprint.”

How big is the range?

At present, skins are present for about 200 models and more than 700 designs in all.

How are these skins special?

These skins are totally scratch free. The material air frame is such that there are never air bubbles while applying the skin. This makes it easy and convenient. Apart from that the material allows to provide extremely great print quality. So, perhaps in future, we may also have skins depicting human faces or emotions.

There are numerous smaller competitors in this field but MyDressMyStyle is one of the early movers to scale up and it’d be interesting to see how it shapes up for them in the future. Please read more about them at and on their facebook page.

- Jubin Mehta


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