Ultimate Privacy: An app for covert activities


There are quite a few options one would want with mobile logs, messages and other privacy related issues. There are several apps available addressing this need but few provide what you’d usually want. ‘Ultimate Privacy’ goes under the scope here.We’re assuming that people around you are a tad bit intrusive, always with a keen eye on your cellphone and this is pretty inevitable considering that we humans are a curious lot and inquisitiveness is definitely a human foible. But sometimes these you'd want things to remain secret and Ultimate Privacy tries to provide that.

The Features

Sms hiding – One always wants to keep all the messages from their girlfriend or boyfriend (the apple of their eye) but they’d normally want to do this covertly. Ultimate Privacy allows this.

Call log hiding – Just in case you don’t want others to know about some company you’ve been keeping, you can use this feature.

Call blocking - This feature blocks the call popup screen & ringtone/vibrations so there is no way of knowing that someone is calling you, and your cover remains intact!

Disguise - The app is installed as FuzzyGhosts. It's just a wallpaper with moving ghosts; a fake app. The real app lies behind this which can be controlled only by the owner.

App Details

The app is only available on the android OS and is likely to remain so in the foreseeable future. It took developer Manas Gajare 2 months to develop the app and has been seeing huge traffic. The app is free and there are no monetization plans either.

Downloads till now

PRO Version: 5000+

LITE Version: 100000+

Features in the pipeline

MMS hiding: Customized disguise i.e. users will be able to choose the type of fake app from variety of options.

Auto responding: The contacts you are hiding with this app are important. So say if a call gets blocked twice, then that person will be notified automatically that you have received a call from him and will get back to him soon.

Challenge for the developer

There are many 'yet another' apps on the market, it's tough to differential your product. If you implement some killer feature in your app, you'll see the same implemented by your competitors very soon”, says Manas.

Android users can download the app for free from this link.

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