YourStory Report On Setting Up A Payment Gateway For An E-commerce Portal In India


This report covers the various aspects one needs to keep in mind while setting up a payment gateway in India. It provides insights regarding costing details as well as other concerned features.

A conscious effort has been made to add a statistical and logical dimension to the research. The report includes comparative studies, which illustrate cost differences between the different gateways. Browsing through the report, one will realize that macro factors like security problems, integration issues, etc have been given equal.

India as an e-commerce market offers two prominent ways to do the business. First you have 2nd party systems as followed by HDFC, Axis, Citibank and ICICI and then there are 3rd party systems followed by other organizations, like CCAvenue, BillJunction, etc. A detailed analysis of each of the payment gateway options has been presented to further add value to the testimony.

With an aim to provide assistance for evaluating the best alternative, we hope that this report serves its purpose perfectly.

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