Bangalore Based Startup Sunohre Technologies Plans to End IndianStartups’ Sales Woes

By Riddhi

Have you recently started up and have a brilliant product or service.

But is sales proving to be your Achilles heel?

For a startup (especially) or even a large enterprise attracting customers is the biggest challenge. Only when the customer is there can you WOW him with your product or service. Bangalore based startup, Sunohre Technologies, is working towards making that first step a smooth one for other startups.

“Whether you are an early stage start up trying to acquire new customers or a large enterprise looking to expand into new territories, your success lies in the ability to find, nurture & qualify sales leads,” said Praveen Majathi, Founder & CEO, Sunohre Technologies. He further added that building an effective sales prospecting function is key to growing your business. Outsourcing their prospecting function helps companies increase sales productivity, reduce costs, target territories that are under served and improve the overall effectiveness of their sales force.

Praveen terms Sunohre as an ‘appointment setting up company’. He said that a combination of strategy, planning and skills enables Sunohre to aid startups and SMEs to crack the selling game. Sunohre follows a pay for performance model. “Imagine hiring a sales guy and paying only incentives and not salary; that is Sunohre,” said Praveen.

Praveen has a demonstrated track record in building and growing sales teams in diverse industries. He has held management positions with companies like Akamai, HP and Dell. He started Sunohre in August, 2011. Speaking about what differentiates Sunohre from the competition, Praveen said, “We charge only for qualified leads and are extremely flexible to the needs of our clients.”

A startup can ask Sunohre to setup ten appointments one month and five appointments the next month. Clients also have the option of ending their contract anytime. So if after a point of time a startup wishes to concentrate on creating more products or services and want to temporarily stop their sales drive, Sunohre allows them that flexibility.

Sunohre’s services are attrition proof as well. What do I mean by attrition proof? If an employee leaves the sales team of a startup, the company will be in a soup. It will take them a couple of months to train the new person and get back in the groove. This is where Sunohre comes into the picture. They will have a dedicated team working for a particular client, which will ensure continuity in the sales drive.

Sunohre Technologies is an angel funded firm. This year they are looking at the second round of angel funding and next year they will be targeting VC funding. Currently there are 10 employees, which will increase to 50 by end of June this year. They will be aggressively hiring throughout the year and by year end Sunhore plans to be a 100 strong team. On the client front as well, they have big plans this year. So far they have worked with clients from diverse industries, including mobile platform company, an American cloud based company, companies in the education space and a retail e-commerce venture as well. By end of 2012 Sunohre hopes to increase to 100 clients from the existing 10 clients they are working with now.

“Sunohre’s pay per sales appointment model has helped us reduce our cost per appointment by 50% and I would recommend Sunohre to anyone who is looking for a high quality lead generation solution,” says Vignesh Swaminathan, CEO, CloudPact.

Sunohre also has plans of entering the technology space and are working on a cloud based sales and marketing solutions product. It will be a one-stop-shop for a clients lead generation or lead nurturing requirements. It will be an exhaustive platform can clients can conduct email campaigns, webinars, etc. Sunohre focuses on the Indian market at present, but plans are in place to go global.

Find out more about Sunohre here.


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