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While, the numerous advertisements on wellness products intrigue our curiosity, few of us actually take the preventive way when it comes to our health care needs (especially in our country).

“ It’s like cigarette smoking; all of us read the statutory warnings that come with the packs, but no one really cares until it’s too late,” says Puru Gupta, a young entrepreneur from Delhi who is on a healthy mission to spread awareness on the benefits of preventive healthcare with his startup Healthy World.

Healthy World sells a gamut of third-party wellness products and services through their online and offline distribution and retail channels.

Started in June last year, the startup created a buzz at this year’s Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon and Delhi half marathon , where they provided wellness goodie bags to 75,000 runners and also set up kiosks at the venues to spread awareness on preventive healthcare.

Puru is an MBA from FMS, New Delhi, and has years of experience in the healthcare industry. Prior to starting up he was a project Manager at Procter & Gamble and Nutri Value.

According to a PWC-FICCI report published in September last year, the wellness market in India is estimated at about Rs 500 billion and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 20% to reach Rs 875 billion within the next three years.

For most developed countries the transition from curative healthcare to preventive care already been largely adopted, for India, however, it’s still a long road ahead. While, lack of skilled and trained professionals becomes a major concern for the industry ahead, for Puru and his team educating the public remains a bigger challenge.

“How do you remove the barrier from consumer’s mind space and apprise them to take the preventive way?” asks Puru, who sees it not just as a challenge, but also the biggest scope to tap into the growing market.

Moreover, with so many brands claiming so many different prospects without substantial data backing them, it becomes difficult for consumers to have a holistic view and narrow down on a single product or service that they truly need, Puru said.

Healthy world has over 350 products and services across 35 brands such as Borges, McVities and Nutri Value in their portfolio and are planning to rope in 125 more brands to extend their portfolio to over 1500 items.

Healthy world also offers offline advisory services, wherein their sales advisers set up a 10-15 min appointment with interested customers and take them through their entire portfolio.

After Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, the team now plans to expand their footprint in Pune and Bangalore by May and is already in talks with BPOs and IT companies in Pune to set permanent kiosks within their premises. In the next one year the company expects to increase their presence in 12 cities across the country.

“So far we are self-funded, but we are laying our groundwork before reaching out to funding partners in the next six to eight months,” says Puru.

Healthy World is currently looking to hire someone to handle their business in Western India.

Puru and his dedicated ten member team are engaging more and more consumers to adapt to the preventive lifestyle through their weekly newsletters and by setting up kiosks at different locations such as hospitals, schools and residential societies. Their online store offers consumers a wider range of wellness product customized to their specific needs.

“We want to create a culture of preventive healthcare in the country. Taking care of your healthcare needs, merely don’t mean getting a health insurance for your future necessities. We need to be more aware of the preventive ways right from our formative years,” said Puru. “We want to be your one-stop shop for health food and services.”

In today’s world of globalization, the gradual transition from curative care to preventive healthcare is almost certain. With fast changing lifestyle, we also need to change our outlook on our health needs and habits. After all, health is our greatest wealth, so why be sorry when you have the safer option.

-Krishnakali Sengupta


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