and En Route Media Collaborate to Bring the Best DealstoPassengers in EasyCabs

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You are in a new city for a business meeting. At the end of the day you are in a cab on your way to the airport. Suddenly a smart screen in the cab comes alive and a deal on the book you were planning to buy pops up. The store turns out to be on the way to the airport. So, you stop for a few minutes and pick up the book!

This scene is not from a sci-fi movie, this is now reality. En Route Media and have partnered to bring the best deals directly to passengers in EasyCabs. En Route Media had earlier launched a digital network of smart screens in radio taxis. “We are always looking to add more value to our passengers’ journey, and the way to do that would be to make them aware of local information. That is what prompted us to partner with,” said Paul Schwarz, Co-founder, En Route Media. is the first Indian deal site to offers deals through an offline environment like digital signage. This will enable to reach out to a wider audience, even those who are constantly on the move. “We have deals across categories and showcase them across various online and offline channels. We thought collaboration with En Route Media would be best to connect to an audience that we may not have reached yet,” said Kunal Jain, Founder,

En Route’s digital entertainment network, called Flo, is already installed in 250+ EasyCabs in Mumbai. Flo is a tablet-like device embedded in cabs. It has touchscreen interactivity, sound-enabled hardware and analytics as well. So can actually track how a user has interacted with the device and customize deals accordingly.

Speaking about the potential to scale up, Paul said, “Our conversations with countless brands and media agencies already indicate the excitement that is there about this captive medium. We have also managed to sign on many large brands as advertisers such as Volkswagen, The Economist, Kotak, etc., which proves that once we scale it even further, we will have great demand.”

Selecting taxis as the first offline medium to display digital signage might seem a bit weird. But both and En Route Media have good reasons to believe that this is going to work out. “Traffic conditions in the country’s metros desperately call out for someone to entertain people while they wait in their cars,” pointed out Paul. Kunal said, “We keep target demographics in mind when choosing the brands that we are showcasing in-taxi.”

The deals are displayed as a dynamic video, with a call to action message at the end. This message reveals the deal ID, which needs to be used to avail a mobile coupon. This form of marketing will be new for Indian consumers and it also has an element of fun to it.

YourStory will keep following the developments in the digital signage space. So stay tuned.

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