Can Indian Startups afford to patent their technologies globally?

There was a time when Indian legends including mathematicians, physicists, and biologists shaped technological changes in our historical society. But times have changed. Inventors and corporations are taking advantage of filing patents in other countries and protecting their technology globally. India is doing the same, but is slow in the race!

In 2009, Indian residents filed only 21% of patent applications in India, whereas rest came from all parts of the world. On the contrary, a study by Prof. Kerr from Harvard and Prof. Lincoln from Michigan found that 10% of patents filed in United States have at least one inventor from Indian ethnicity.

There are two reasons associated with Indians not patenting their technologies across borders: money and awareness. Top Managers of various Indian technology corporations are not much aware about intricacies of patents. The value and importance of patents for a technology business is yet not realized in Indian industries. Secondly, it costs money to get patent protection in various countries ranging from INR 5 – 10 Lakhs for just filing patents in 3 – 5 countries and to top that, renewal fees costs more. Startups cannot afford this much money. In the previous articles, we discussed market advantage of a patent besides its monetary value. Startups have options to plan their finances for obtaining a patent globally as they progress with their business and can also get government funded grants or investments from private equity.

India needs to play aggressive in protecting their intellectual property and making it an economic advantage in its role in international market for this decade. Startups and medium-sized firms are the economic engines who need to take the initiative. Future articles will cover ways to protect, manage, and commercialize their inventions as well as chart-out a financial plan for doing the same.

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