Creative Entrepreneurship in Images : Yours Truly Theatre Bangalore


We at YourStory want to bring the story of entrepreneurs across sectors through various channels - text, video, photos, social media, events and audio. This photo blog about Bangalore based theatre group Yours Truly is part of our partnership with Cool Entrepreneurs. Cool Entrepreneurs is a photo blog that illustrates the lives of people around the world who have created fascinating careers for themselves. "An entrepreneurial life can be so incredibly creative and downright fun—that’s what we mean with ‘cool’ entrepreneurs. The goal is to illustrate that potential in its full, rich variety. It is inspiration for a creative life" the folks at CE say. CE is founded and run by Belgium based Frank Boermeester.

Yours Truly Theatre group from Bangalore has developed a unique theatre language and is at the forefront of the Interactive & Improvisational theatre movement in India. The theatre group was started with a vision to use the power of applied improvisational theatre for change and exploring theatre that is spontaneous, intuitive and beyond script. The theatre group performs more than 40 shows a year and reaches out to an audience that crosses all boundaries of age, status and financial means. Yours Truly Theatre was recently recognized as a finalist of the Young Creative Entrepreneur Performing Arts Award 2011 by the British Council.









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