Experiential Seminar on Technology Change Management on Feb 17,2012in Bangalore


Digitization of business has ushered in innovative business models, business processes, and organizational structures. Not all companies, however, have been able to successfully cross the chasm between the old and the new paradigms. A big reason why many companies fall by the wayside, despite their intent to adopt new technologies, is the lack of understanding of the dynamics of change inside the organization.

Technologists and managers, who have the vision to embrace technology-enabled changes, often fail to communicate the need for the change, build a coalition of managers to support the change, demonstrate signs of early successes and more importantly, build the momentum required to sustain the change. The Technology Change Management seminar aims to empower them with practical techniques to deal with challenges of change management. On the 17th of February an experimental seminar on Technology Change Management will be held in Bangalore. Rajiv Jayaraman will lead the seminar.

The Technology Change Management seminar will be packed with case studies, real-world examples and action learning through Change Quest, a software simulation. Change Quest, a team-based simulation, equips technologists and managers with the skills to manage technology change. The objective is to introduce a massive transformation in a traditional company within a time period of 120 simulated days. Top managers of the company need to adopt the change initiative by applying tactics that have the right content, context and timing.

Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder & CEO, KNOLSKAPE has been conducting change management seminars at Cognizant. He has also conducted similar seminars at MICA (Ahmedabad), IIFT (Delhi) and Amrita School of Business (Bangalore). His expertise in technology strategy, business IT alignment, IT change management, etc coupled with his business skills makes him the perfect person to help companies bridge the Business-IT divide.

The Technology Change Management seminar provides technologists, managers and consultants a chance to understand the art and science of introducing technology changes in organizations. The seminar is being delivered at leading companies and in B-schools such as IIFT Delhi, SP Jain Center of Management Singapore and Dubai.


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