ExploreB2B: Professional Social Network with Blogging at its Core


ExploreB2B helps businesses by providing a place for professionals to write about buzzing industry topics and important company information - without the clutter.

It is the first professional, social platform that revolves around the articles users submit. Users write posts on any topic from their professional perspective, while others can then follow or communicate with an author. Readers can search an article by topic, industry or author, then make comments to begin a discussion. The goal is to selectively gather a network of skillful, business collaborators who suit the professional needs of each user.

“When writing on ExploreB2B, the user is not lost in “noise” from the web or on larger social networks, he or she is heard by people who find his or her content relevant. Articles are displayed for the community to see (they are public by default) and can be searched for by subject, industry or author name. On exploreB2B, you are not made irrelevant by users who post an excessive amount of content or more frequently. What you have to say is heard and discussed by those who care to hear it, because it is easily accessible. Viable business connections are made and projects can be discussed/assessed on the platform itself” says Susanna Gebauer, cofounder and CEO of Berlin based ExploreB2B. We chat with Susanna to learn more about the platform.

On how the idea came about......

The founders saw a need for a more specialized, social network after struggling to make business connections, find company solutions and effectively address professional needs within the existing internet sphere. Susanna's history in consulting required lots of business-to-business interaction, she wished to have had a platform where she could read personal interpretations of industry issues, discussed her own thoughts/company desires, and been easily found among a vast sea of professionals.

What makes Exploreb2b different from traditional blog networks?

There are similarities in the way exploreB2B and personal blogging websites work, as exploreB2B is a place where your written posts can be seen, commented on, and each user has a profile displaying personal articles. The difference is that the goal of the articles on exploreB2B is to receive meaningful feedback the writer themselves can use, thereby making viable connections. ExploreB2B emphasizes conversation and connection - the part that is lacking on traditional blogging sites. ExploreB2B is much more than blogging, it is a professional social network where what you write has a direct impact on your professional network.

Monetization plans

They will provide additional features for exploreB2B, which will be available to premium users only. For premium users there will be a paid membership. The basic version of the platform with the features described above will remain free for all users.

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