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By Riddhi

Imagine this:

You wake up in the morning; pick up your iPad, tap an icon and your ‘Daily Fix’ of videos are right there waiting to be watched.

Bangalore based startup, Althea Systems, has made this possible through, which wants to bring a method to the madness of discovering online video content. “We noticed there is a lot of video content, but discovering a particular video is extremely difficult. There is huge supply of video content on the internet, which exists in pockets of serendipity. Users do not spend time watching videos online the same way they watch TV. We wanted to change that,” said Kishore, co-founder & CEO, Althea Systems.

He further added, “If you think of it as a funnel, ‘Search’ is at the bottom because the intent has already been decided. On the other hand ‘Discover’ is at the top. We want to become the platform where people come to discover video content.”

Content curation is the key

How does the discovery of interesting video content actually happen? The 20 member team behind Shufflr use a number of curation techniques to make sure that the user ‘discovers’ a lot of interesting and relevant videos. These include tracking user’s social interaction with videos. So if a user likes, tweets or shares a video that becomes part of his preferences.

His ‘Daily Fix’ will contain videos from similar genres. So taste and social data will dictate the algorithm to generate video content for a particular user. Videos are segregated into Social, Social Channels and Recommendations. Users also have the option of watching videos shared by their favorite celebs.

Currently, they have over 1.5 million users from over 160 countries. In 10 of these countries they have been able to provide excellent global content and in 30 countries they provide top-notch localized video content.

“We are concentrating on making the número uno video discovery platform, globally. Revenue generation is at the back of our mind and by next year we will start implementing various revenue models,” said Kishore. “Advertisement, integration of Shufflr with smart televisions, etc are some of the models we have in mind,” added Kishore. They are also looking at starting a video advertising platform.

The Facebook app, which was recently launched, has been doing really well, their Android app has got a four-and-a-half star rating and half a million downloads. They have also been featured on Adobe Marketplace. The team is working on the tablet app, which will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona at the end of February.

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