Joystics: Game Reviews with a Sniper's Sharpness


Joystics is a no non-sense game review portal. It is an open forum where brevity is the key and the main motive is to help the reader make an informed decision whether he’d enjoy the game if he purchases it. Started by a 10th grade student, Mridul Godha, Joystics is one of those ventures which makes you proud.Combining his love for games and literature, Mridul had a winning package with Joystics. Also a diligent student at Mayo College, Ajmer, he plans to carry on with his venture full-fledged after school. The site currently attracts more than 600 unique visitors a day and looking at the quality of the content, this is bound to shoot up.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!


“It all began when I noticed that most of the popular games reviewing websites are not actually meant for those people who visit it. Why do people visit a game reviewing website on the first place? They visit it to read a review and decide whether they should buy and play the game or not. But then, most of these websites are either too technical for the common gamer or to lengthy to attract his short attention span. That is when I felt that someone needs to come up and make a forum where reviews are honest, short and simple so that a viewer gets a perfect idea of the game”, says Mridul with pumping energy.

The site got a kick start when Sumit Charles from Firstbase Inc. showed faith in Mridul and gave him the platform to do what he wanted to do. And Mridul did not let him down.

Who holds the fort?

Mridul was the man who started the project with some help from FirstBase but the astounding response that Joystics received added many budding volunteers who regularly improve the website and put in new content. “We are an independent lot of people who share a common thing – passion for games. Moreover, we also encourage one time writers or ‘guest posters’ to be a part of our website though their writings are moderated by Joystics volunteers”, says Mridul.

The games are reviewed by volunteers who are all experienced and technically well-versed game reviewers. Before publishing any review, the community makes sure that at least three of the volunteers have added their inputs into the review.

Collecting the Moolah

“CPA (Cost Per Action) adverts is the first thing we would be doing for monetization. We are signing up with double-click for CPA. This will help us to feed targeted adverts in the content”, says the money bug within Mridul.

A new apps section has also been added. He has other plans in mind like starting up something on similar lines of Comic Con but for gamers and other talks are ongoing which if manifest, will open up new revenue streams.

There’s a lot that can be done in the gaming scene and still has enormous potential in India. We’d be keeping a keen eye on this young entrepreneur and Joystics.

- Jubin Mehta


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