PixelMat to Take a Plunge in the Windows App Marketplace


Based out of Bangalore, PixelMat software is a company that primarily builds apps for children. “We understand what it takes in today's world to make stories and learning a lot of fun and also a source of joy for children, especially the distracted and naughty kids”, says cofounder Srividya. PixelMat apps are pure native apps rich with special effects and a focus on interactivity.PixelMat builds apps for the iOS and Android but have now forayed into Windows development with Toddler’s ABCs, a very basic flash app to get the feel of the windows marketplace. “The Windows Marketplace is at a nascent stage compared to its counterparts. But, as we have seen in the past with XBOX - Microsoft could be a late entrant in a market space but they will eventually become the leader in that space. As with other Microsoft development platforms and tools VS 2010 for Windows Phone is also very developer friendly and my guess is that the Windows Marketplace is also going to see a lot of apps very soon!” exclaims Srividya.

PixelMat's team has immense work experience in product software companies in the US and Europe. They work with best of the artists, musicians, narrators and other expert talent from around the world, on a contract basis to develop the apps.

PixelMat has had some very popular apps like the ‘Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch’ which was #1 New on iPad Books in Canada and amongst the top 3 in US. Play Zoo, Clay Ten, Punshine, Pointy and Pokey are some of the other well received apps. PixelMat would be porting all these apps on the Windows platform soon.

Checkout Toddler's App on the Windows marketplace and the Giddy Ghost on the iStore.

- Jubin Mehta


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