Social Network Huntcha Hooks You With Your Crush Anonymously


It's Valentines Day and love is in the air and in Facebook updates. On this very special day we write about a social network that lets you hook up with people whom you like but were too shy or not sure to ask them out. Huntcha is a Chile based social network that provides a confidential service where people can share their crushes and can find out if the other person likes them back too. Huntcha works through Facebook.

First, you create a list with the people you like.You can modify your list as many times as you want, but with a maximum of 9 people.If someone on your list also adds you on theirs, it's a match. Huntcha will inform just the two of you that you like each other. Your list is private. No one will know if you add someone to your list and every interaction with you and your Hunts is anonymous

Once a match is made, a message window will be available for you to make contact. Try it out here.