Start-App : A Free, Full Server Side Solution for Startups


Applicasa, a server side solutions provider for mobile app developers has announced that they will support startups by offering a full server side for their app, completely free of charge."Your success is our success” - This is what we believe in and what had led us to start the Applicasa "start app" program. Applicasa “Start app” program allows developers to develop the server side for free up to 100K users!! With our web-based platform, you can easily create your app’s backend and concentrate on the client side development, biz model and other key factors, to make your app a successful one. With Applicasa you won’t have to worry about traffic, hosting, maintenance and other server side issues" says the Applicasa website. Applicasa provides various tools including simple database creation, custom queries as well as a full CMS for management of updates, beta version deployment and push notifications.

Israel based Applicasa currently supports iOS and has plans to launch an Android solution in April 2012.

Click here to find out more and register for the program.


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