Taste and Treat with Sin-a-mon’s Home-Baked Goodies


Want to hone your baking skills while you tickle your taste bud with delicious new dessert recipes? At Sin-a-mon, entrepreneur Monika Manchanda promises to make you drool over her home-baked goodies as you pick up those secret recipes to get your loved ones savoring their sweet tooth.

What started as a recipe blog about four years back soon became a bakery house that now supplies goodies to various cafes in Bangalore and takes bulk orders for parties and corporate events. Also a big hit at Sin-A-Mon are the spiked and liquor based cupcakes, which the young crowd is taking a huge liking to. But its Monika’s charming baking workshops during the weekends that have got foodies relishing over Sin-a-mon.

After quitting her IT job three years back, a reluctant Monika started experimenting in the kitchen and soon rediscovered her love for recipes.“I started blogging and the feedback from the readers kept me hooked to it. The more I experimented and wrote, the more I wanted to do it and take it to the next level. Thus Sin-A-Mon was formed,” says Monika, whose love for cuisines and conversation have earned quiet a reputation for her in the connoisseurs’ circle.

YourStory talks to Monika and finds out more on her Sin-A-Mon tales and the delicious sins she has been weaving around it.

“Cinnamon is one of my favourite sweet spices and also something widely used in baking dishes. We tweaked the term a bit and named my startup Sin-a-mon. Sin for sinning and mon for the initial letters for my name,” says Monika on how she decided on the name.

Sin-A-mon is now working on a range of gluten free products and baked goodies for diabetic patients, using sugar substitutes like apple sauce combined with splenda. Monika said her focus is to bring home baking to everyone. “We bake as your loved ones would for you.”

After a successful partnership with Chaipatty, Monika is now looking for more tie-ups with café chains and restaurants and may soon look out for some of funding for her bootstrapped startup.

For her baking workshop Monika reserves the number of attendees to about 5-8 people per batch to make sure everyone gets a personalized learning experience. She is now busy preparing for the first batch of her advanced baking workshop and plans to introduce bread baking and pastry workshops soon.

“I see a lot of interest in savoury items. This is an interesting trend because traditionally baking is attached to sweets and desserts. And as our Indian taste bud is bend towards the more spicy stuff rather than the continental style, we need to bring baking to all courses and not limit it to just dessert,” Said Monika.

So, if you have been craving for some mouth-watering muffins lately, its time you try out some of Sin-a-mon’s sinful serves at your nearest Chaipatty kiosk or order online at Sinamon.in.

-Krishnakali Sengupta


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