Enjoy Arts? Rock Castle: Gurgaon Based Arts ManagementCompanyEvolving the Perspective of Arts and Cultural Initiatives


An artist by interest and a marketer by profession led to the Foundation of ROCK CASTLE (RC) in 2008, which is a 360 degree Arts Management Company creating self-sustaining Art platforms in the past years.Established with a vision to create self sustaining platforms (festivals) across various forms of Arts (Music, theatre and more), RC is an Arts Management venture in care off Nexxbase Marketing Pvt. Ltd based in Hong Kong, that focuses on providing appropriate platforms to Artists/ participants from different walks of life and generating interest of different sectors of society for Arts. They have conceptualized multiple initiatives; keeping in mind the target audience- i.e. school kids or college students or professionals.

ROCKCASTLE provides its expertise in Conceptualizing and Designing Art initiatives, Brand Integration, Promoting Arts ( Music, Theatre and other performing Arts), Corporate events

Corporate creative Workshop Programmes, New Talent Hunt, Artist Management, Celebrity Management, Movie Associations and Live Shows and Concerts.

They believe their USP is to bring life to the forms of Art by making the society aware of it; i.e. a strong emphasis on the aspect of Marketing and Packaging the Art content and exploring various traditional/ non – traditional marketing tools of a win-win proposition for artist, audience and the brand partners.

RC works on 2 models, the first being- Creating original new platforms/Property, which is conceptualized, marketed and executed right from the scratch by RC team. E.g. EUREKA 2010, ROCK TALES TOUR 2010 and USTAAD Meets The Master 2010 and the second is Acquiring / Co-owning the existing Arts Initiatives, which they believe has an unexplored potential in it.

E.g. Atelier’s Youth Theatre Week (India’s largest Youth theatre festival), Resurrection (India’s biggest metal festival).


With 5 years experience in Entertainment marketing with HMV, PVR, Warner Bros, Universal and more, Alok Nagpal believes there is a big pool of talent in India that just needs to be explored and refined. “A lot in India is being explored by other nations too which opens international gates for Indian artists”, he adds. “Names like Roysten Abel, Om Puri, Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt and more have brought pride to Indian Arts. There is also a growing understanding and the number of Training institutes for Arts in India has reasonably increased. It’s great that our veterans and experts in fields come forward to support the initiatives!”Being a regular visitor to various festivals, he felt a vacuum in the marketing approach, as everything was handled by artists themselves in their best capacities. However there was always a missing angle of connecting with a wider audience and to bridge in this gap, Alok launched ROCKCASTLE against several odds.

“Indian society still considers Arts as something Part – time or Hobby which needs to be changed gradually” he says. “Indian Artists still face funding problems, so do we, while raising funds for these initiatives. I think, the audiences play a vital role in deciding your success and failure. The success lies on how well you educate and create your own audience in the local scene. Besides, certain government departments, such as Excise, need to be a bit more organized and liberal for Arts.”

Alok Nagpal was the finalist and Special Commendation of British Council’s Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur Awards, 2011. To know more about the Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur Awards, click here. Follow the Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards (YCE) on Facebook.


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