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You may judge a book by its cover, and whether or not, you will a judge a candidate by his/her resume.

So if the first impression, is the last, steps in to make it right.

A Resume Service launched from Delhi in June 2011, have their primary focus on writing crisp, and to the point Resumes and Applications for professionals and students who face difficulty with written English and who lack the time. They are also the pioneers of LinkedIn Profile Development and Mock Tele-Interviews in India. Their services include Resume Writing, Statement of Purpose / Essay Writing, Application Letter writing, Cover Letter Writing, Follow Up Letter Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development, Conducting Telephonic Interviews and First Level Screening of Candidates.

LinkedIn Profile Development:

"I was particularly intrigued by this particular service, knowing how much the digital CV’s of today matter. So I asked Rajat, founder of getsetResumes, to tell me how it works. “No rocket science in this. We map the resume of candidates to their LinkedIn profile and add sections along with specific keywords which make the profile easy to search and show at the top when recruiters look for hires. We write very crisp and keyword rich headlines to optimize profiles. We also search and tabularize a set of 15-20 very relevant groups and associations which the candidate should join. Finding these groups is done through a variety of methods (which I cannot put in writing). We guarantee 90% completion of the profile. Basically this works for candidates who either have not bothered to touch their LinkedIn profiles or are short on time to do all the hard work in making their profile searchable," he explains.

Similar market players include, etc. So they have some tough competition in this space. “Although now shine has started the LinkedIn thing at more than double our price! But we pioneered LinkedIn Profile Development and Mock Interviews in India, and that’s our USP. When it comes to Resume or Application writing we go great lengths to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients. We offer a no-questions-asked 100% Money Back Guarantee to clients if they are not satisfied with their resume. We are the first and only ones among other players this confident about our service! We also offer a Free Resume Review to anyone on our website, something which I haven’t seen other players offer!” Rajat adds.


Apart from the hosting and payment gateway charges, they did not incur any other setup fee. So in a way they have been cash positive since the beginning. Their website generates cash, through the fee they charge for various services, which is then used for marketing, freelancers’ fees and office rent. Right now they generate enough cash to keep them running, though they need to increase profits to grow!

They also sometimes earn through resume workshops that they conduct at institutes and colleges which adds to their cash inflow. Apart from this they also sometimes earn by placing candidates with employers, whenever they get such a query and their candidate gets selected. It’s an HR consultancy sort of a business which they are not directly into. But if they get a query, they oblige.

“Regarding margins, if you look at our services we are generally priced in the 1000-2000 range. Because of our low prices we are able to attract many customers who do not prefer such a service from other players because of their higher prices. After deducting a 40-60% fee which we share with freelancers, the remaining is our margin which goes into operations. Obviously not all resumes are shared with freelancers, so sometimes we get to keep the entire fee ourselves (minus the payment gateway commissions of course),” Rajat tells YourStory.

The Typical Customer:

Their typical customer is any office goer, be it a production engineer, an IT project manager, a fresh MBA graduate or a COO of a networking multinational. They have even designed resumes and written letters for doctors! People come to them when they are looking for career or job switches. They get a lot of inquiries from professionals who have gaps in their careers and are looking to hide it. More than a third of their clients come through referrals. They also get Tele Interview queries from college graduates and post graduates. In fact they form the bulk of their interview clients.

Apart from this, they also are sometimes contacted by employers looking for candidates. “We recently got 2 freshers placed in an IT company in Gurgaon. We are not into this consultancy business directly, but we when we get queries and we have profiles available, we share it with employers after discussing with the candidates.”

They have some tie-ups with HR consultancies who take resumes from them when they have a requirement. Right now they have about 10 consultancies who have agreed to work with them. All of these are in Delhi with a Pan-India reach. They are in the process of expanding this base before they venture into Resume Distribution work for their clients.

“Apart from this we are working towards tying up with educational websites on a revenue sharing basis (this is ongoing) and we want to tie up with some colleges as well to help their students with placements (this may take time).”

Over the past 10 months they have handled some 90+ clients from India, US and some Middle East countries as well. Most of their clients (about 30%) come from the 5-10 years’ experience category. The second highest figure is ~19% for 15+ years’. As far as verticals go, they have spanned industries and almost all designations (from freshers to COOs). Ahem! Which means they still await a CEO resume though! 

Starting up:

Rajat Vashishta started getsetResumes with 2 others who eventually left- Romit, who was the technical brain behind the website and had a 5 years' corporate experience in software with a large telecom company; and Sushil who is an alumnus of NSIT 2007, IIT (Bombay). Right now they are a team of 6, which includes Rajat, his present partner Kamal and 4 qualified freelance writers (with massive experience in Resume writing) from Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. Rajat takes care of the Business Development, Marketing and daily Operations and also writes resumes. Kamal helps him with Business Development and Partnerships during weekends.

Prior to starting this, Rajat was working with Evalueserve as a Senior Analyst in the Telecom Division and is an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, 2007.

While writing a friend’s resume for his job switch, he looked at purchasing a resume service and found it to be too costly. That’s when he saw a business proposition available. They went ahead with this idea because they felt that many premier resume services were charging a lot for a not so complicated thing as resume writing. Another motivation was to provide a great service.

They designed and developed their website in-house and hence saved a lot there. Now they have partnered with CCAvenues for secure payments. The entire setup was done in about 10k.

However, they too had their set of challenges and initial hurdles. “Client building is the biggest challenge. People do not trust a new player when a name as big as exists in the market. People call and straightaway ask why they should chose us over any other service, and it becomes hard to convince. Not always do low prices work,” Rajat, on behalf of geteresumes, concludes non-chalantly.



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