Holi re!


The spring festival Holi is upon us. As a child, fond remembrances of colours smeared on the faces by strangers and unknowns, friends and family delight you. The festival of colours should break into joy in the life of an entrepreneur.


The life of an entrepreneur is both exciting and frustrating. It’s glorious and uncertain. Many a time, stark realities rather than glossy covers confront them. Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest law fits the entrepreneur snugly. And entrepreneurs come in all hues and colours. As class divisions of rich and poor loosen and the upper, lower, and middle class mix in this day of Holi festival, may all entrepreneurs—high and low, big and small, millionaires and cash-empty, rich with dollars lying untouched and poor with no money—rejoice.

Adding to mirth is the bhang. A look-up of bhang recipes shows marijuana to be an ingredient. As intoxicating as bhang is, let entrepreneurship intoxicate the uninitiated, and may the already intoxicated get more intoxicated and reach heights of glory.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t need a reason to celebrate and we are just carried away by the intoxicating colours of Holi to wish you on this day!

Lage raho, entrepreneur!

-Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy