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A lot of start-ups begin as a solution to some problem faced by their founders, either in their personal or professional life. LoginRadius is not an exception to that tradition. Founders Deepak Gupta and Rakesh Soni, while developing a traditional login system for a new web application, realized what a hassle it would be for users to register, between filling out long forms and remembering an additional set of username and password.

So, in order to simplify the task for the end user, they decided to let users log in via their existing accounts on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and integrated this feature on their new project. Thus the concept of LoginRadius was born. They began developing it as a separate product in mid-2011.

Deepak and Rakesh are both engineering graduates from India. Deepak received his MS in Information Technology & Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, USA, and Rakesh received his MS in Mining-Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada. Both have 3-4 years of professional experience in their respective fields. The LoginRadius team consists of twelve people, including the two founders, and is based in North America.

With a primary motive to support the OpenID Movement by making social login accessible and affordable to a global audience, LoginRadius claims to differ from their competitors in a number of ways. “Not only are we offering our basic solution for free but also supporting users around the world by providing our services in multiple languages and integrating both domestic and international providers,” said Deepak. “Another differentiating factor is that our implementation process is quick and simple - users can choose to use the plug-ins we have developed for several open source systems or SDKs for various technologies. In a nutshell, users get a cost effective social login system with lots of customizable features when they sign up for LoginRadius,” he added.

There are approximately 250 million websites in the world, and an estimated 20% of them currently utilize a login feature. That accounts to a potential market of 50 million websites for LoginRadius.

The basic LoginRadius solution is free of cost. However, LoginRadius charges a licensing fee for advanced features such as white label solutions, advanced social analytics, custom solutions development, extended user profile data, login interface customization and premium tech support. This makes up their revenue model.

Poised at No. 48 on Canada's Top 100 Startups in 2012 and having partnered with Microsoft Corp as a BizSpark Startup, LoginRadius’ future seems reassuring. They have plans to add innovative features and provide users with a solution that is integrated across all web platforms, including hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. Five years from now, with an aim to make the name LoginRadius synonymous with the idea of Social Login itself, they see themselves as leading players in the field of social media having captured a majority of the market for Social Login and Social Sharing. They plan to expand their presence, locally in North America as well as internationally in Europe and Asia. They are also on the lookout for talented individuals to join their team.

“It's been an interesting ride so far. As with any other startup, we have had to face challenges in areas such as building a strong and dependable team, and marketing, but ultimately we got through them and now, we see our product getting stronger. It is a real source of pride for us to see our 'baby' grow from inception to where it is now in its infant stages. This is the first startup we've tried that has gotten to this point, so we look forward to the upcoming journey with LoginRadius as it continues down the path of success,” concludes Deepak.

YourStory wishes LoginRadius good luck and will be tracking their upcoming journey as well.

To know more about LoginRadius, visit http://www.loginradius.com/

-Meghna Chhabria


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