Need a Structured Business-Plan? BPlan Experts Can Be Of Help


The first thing that might strike many while reading about is that this is one startup with a really unique proposition: “To provide Business Plans!” With the rise of entrepreneurship across the world, having a structured plan becomes essential, especially when you are looking for funding. enables entrepreneurs to avail high quality consulting services but at an affordable price. also helps structuring a business plan from scratch.“B-Plan Experts provides state of the art business plans to entrepreneurs and businesses across the world. Our comprehensive framework provides a highly effective platform for new age businesses.” says founder Arnab Ray, an MBA from S.P.Jain, a reputed management school in Mumbai. “Our methodology is based on global best practice standards that are followed across the world.” adds Arnab.

Having worked for some of the best names in the industry, Arnab sensed a gap in the consulting services for small and medium enterprises in India and also on a global scale which led to the formation of Array Consultancy Services. A couple of years in to the consulting space, the team realized that there is a huge demand for professional business plan consulting and in early 2010, was launched. They have catered to more than 250 businesses across 40 countries globally till now which is a huge feat. Many of their clients has been successful in getting their venture funded and already into operations.

It is of utmost importance to build a sense of reliability when one sets out to set up a company that would be helping out or guiding others. A strong team consisting of professionals from the consulting background in various fields, BPlan Experts were convinced about the opportunity. After a preliminary market research, “We spend a lot of time understanding the demand and got to a price point which meets our clients’ budget. As our primary mode of engagement is online website usability, 24X7 customer support was important. We invested in getting the samples done up to showcase our quality and capability.” says Arnab. After rigorous planning, their efforts took flight with their first customer from Argentina, a couple of extremely talented software professionals who were working on an innovative social platform.


 Services they provide:

  • Startup consulting, business planning, project planning, market research, financial projections, investor deck and business plan report designing
  • Strategy Consulting, Business Transformation, Technology Consulting and Web Development through our other ventures
  • Help entrepreneurs and businesses in their fund seeking activities by representing them to approach and negotiate with investors
  • Ability to help a business at any phase of development


  • Although there is a huge talent pool with MBA qualification or business acumen, finding the right individual with an understanding of business functions as well as learnability is quite a challenge
  • Majority of Indian entrepreneurs do not believe in structured planning, however the trend is changing very fast.

Marketing and the road ahead

Since the engagement model for BPlanExperts is online, they rely heavily on the online medium to promote services. “We also engage in several entrepreneurship forums to educate and facilitate entrepreneurship.” Says Arnab. BPlanExperts has a monthly publication which goes out to all the clients on managing startups. Talking about the near future, “The global trend in entrepreneurship is very exciting. The trend has touched the Indian shore as well.” Says Arnab enthusiastically.

For anyone going for a structured approach rather than a hit and trial method, BPlanExperts can provide a guiding light.


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