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0 is an online platform that not only lets users recommend restaurants, but allows them to recommend famous food dishes in their city as well. LetsSpot is unique in its offering because it points out exactly what to eat at each restaurant, which is often the hardest part of the decision-making process.“We believe that in India, every corner of every city is famous for some food or another,” said Siddharth Jain, co-founder & CEO at “For example, Chandni Chowk in Delhi is really famous for amazing foods like Parathe from ParatheVali Gali, and Kulfi from Kuremal Kufli.” The team performed a comprehensive research project that yielded over 2,000 of the most recommended dishes in India.

“We believe that there is a huge amount of information that resides only with the locals of a particular location, and this information can be leveraged,” said Siddharth. leverages the knowledge of their “spotters” to create databases that they can convert into a very simple GUI format accessible through mobile apps or the website itself.

LetsSpot is unique because users can find recommended dishes for street restaurants and carts, not just for dishes served at fancy hotels. The focus is dish-oriented rather than restaurant-oriented.

Siddharth originally launched the venture as in April of 2011, but the site underwent changes before being re-launched in February of 2012.

Before heading the operations and marketing divisions at LetsSpot, Siddharth was involved in building a 3D social networking platform. He is currently a SLP Fellow of batch 2012, Delhi Chapter F. Shranick Sethia, the co-founder and CTO, joined Siddharth in November of 2011. He has been a passionate coder since he was 16 and has developed more than 1000 website and mobile app projects. He currently leads the technical department, research department, and design interfaces at LetsSpot. Additionally, the team includes a designer and two research analysts.

LetsSpot’s business model is advertisement-based. With a market size of over 35 million users, they are currently operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad, and they plan to expand to other cities as well.

The co-founder of Siddharth’s previous startup, Rahul Bansal, taught him that within the impossible lie possibilities, and with LetsSpot Siddharth is living this maxim to the fullest as he aims to make it one of the most popular food portals in India.

To learn more about Advack, Siddharth’s advertising venture, click here.


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