Windows Azure Drops the Prices - The Price War on the Cloud benefits the Customers

Just after a couple of days of AWS' announcement of price drop, it is Microsoft's turn to reduce the price. Windows Azure Compute and Storage services have become more affordable with the new pricing structure.

The on-demand pricing of Windows Azure Storage is reduced by 12% with immediate effect. If you commit to a 6 month plan, the cost savings will be a decent 14%! Windows Azure Extra Small Compute prices are dropped by a whopping 50%. With just .$02, This is now cheaper than the Amazon EC2 Micro Instance type running Microsoft Windows Server.

With these changes, customers will be able to run workloads on an Extra Small Instance with 100MB of SQL Azure for less than $20 a month!

Steven Martin, General Manager, Windows Azure Business Strategy & Planning has mentioned that it is not just cost but Windows Azure is focused on enhancing the developer productivity to ensure that it offers best value.

There is no doubt that the price war will ultimately benefits the customer!

- Janakiram MSV, Chief Editor,