Women Are In The Cashier's Seat This Week


It has been quite some time since the word has been around, and a long time now since we believed it’s a man’s world. The societies have been around for a long time now and there have been changes, if not radical, but small-paced in the attitudes of the primary potential of a woman. The global meltdown saw a boom in the growth of women entrepreneurs who, with their frugal financial ways and articulate sense of management, shipped out of the quagmire of monetary chaos. Many studies suggest that women are much effectual leaders than men, especially in testing times. They further provided evidence and bore testimony to the fact that the typical leadership approach of women is more effectual in the present economic climate.Researchers even further claim that “strong market growth among European companies is most likely to occur where there is a higher proportion of women in senior management teams.” Firms with more women on their boards “outperform their rivals with a 42% higher return on sales, 66% higher return on invested capital and 53% higher return on equity.”

Looking at the Indian scenario, we’d say, even if not a man’s world anymore, we are surely still pretty far away from a point where we can confidently thrust in the ‘equality’ flag. There have been huge strides forward but women have had their own set of difficulties to combat.

At YourStory.in, we are doing our bit for Women Entreprenurs by dedicating this entire week to them. As a part of our Women’s Day Special, women would be in focus throughout the week. We’d be navigating through 5 interesting stories and a few insights on what it is like to be a lady entrepreneur.

For more, watch this space!


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