21Fools Launches an Online Greeting Card Store, Joy Cards!

By Riddhi

A couple of months back we interviewed the entrepreneur duo, Divyanshu Asopa and Surendra Chaplot, behind 21 Fools and learned about their ‘Be Happy, Be Foolish’ Mantra. Divyanshu Asopa, Co-founder, 21 Fools had told us that soon they will be launching a greeting cards portal, as part of 21 Fools.

Keeping true to their word the 21 Fools family unveiled the greeting cards e-store on 1st April, 2012 (how apt!).

“Do you need a special day to make someone happy, make someone smile or make someone feel precious? Why can’t we just go and tell them on any day of the week that how awesome they are? Or how much you love them? Joy Cards do that for you. Browse through these cards, select the perfect one for your loved ones and send it directly to their doorstep,” said Divyanshu.

Divyanshu further added, “Almost all the cards are designed by us. The text and descriptions for the Joy Cards were written by Kaumudi Bhardwaj, who is also managing the magazine along with Samarpita Mukherji Sharma. Samarpita is the copy editor for the magazine and cards section.”

The entire process of setting up the e-store was a fun experience for the 21 Fools team. They brainstormed each card idea, wrote content for it, designed them and also developed the portal; most of it in-house.

The cards are priced at Rs. 100 and only one card called ‘Small Joys’ is priced at Rs. 150. They have been innovative with the packaging as well. “Whenever we order something online, the package it is delivered in is wasted. We have tried to come up with a way to provide consumers a way to utilize even the package the cards are delivered in. The cards will be sent in a package which can later be divided into 6 coasters. Each coaster will be separated from the others by perforations, which also makes it easy to cut out later,” informed Surendra Chaplot.

The e-store is also offering some great discounts.

For further information visit, http://www.21fools.com/store/


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