5 HR Policies to Build a Woman-Friendly Enterprise by TonyMira,Founder at Ajuba


Ajuba Solutions, a provider of revenue cycle outsourcing services to healthcare systems in the US is a pioneer in this vertical has placed itself in the list of top providers from India with over 1900 employees currently.At present, 47 % of Ajuba's workforce comprises of women, which is one of the highest in the industry, bearing testimony to their efforts at having created an employer brand that is perceived by potential as well as existing women employees as highly women-friendly.

Tony Mira, Group CEO and founder, Ajuba Solutions India Pvt Ltd, shares with YourStory.in, the Top 5 HR Policies that worked for their women-force:

Women’s Forum Shakti: This forum connects all women employees and encourages them to come up with problems that they face at work and suggest ideas to improve the work environment. The core team drives many initiatives for the women employees at Ajuba.

Gynecologist on Call: A qualified Gynecologist has been engaged especially for women employees at the health center of Ajuba called “Svasth Center”. The Gynecologist provides consultation as well as counseling regarding contraception, pregnancy, diet and fitness for all women employees.

Women’s Lounge: A special lounge has been created in all the three facilities of Ajuba that offers a space to pregnant or unwell women employees for resting and relaxing.

Flexi work hours: Taking into consideration the needs of employees who are also working mothers, Ajuba helps the women employees transition slowly back to work after their maternity leave by flexi work hours depending on their work and personal preferences.

Programs focused on women: Ajuba conducts special programs for women employees consistently, to contribute to their holistic development. Some of the recent programs include self-defense program and breast and cervical cancer awareness programs. Each of these programs are developed exceptionally with utmost quality.


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